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Helter Skelter is one of the Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5.


Nico creates Helter Skelter at the same time as Punch Line after Nero defeats the demon Goliath, though it is not clear if there is a direct connection between the Goliath fragment and Helter Skelter's construction as there is with Punch Line.

Helter Skelter is a tapered gold spiral with a three-pronged claw hand at the tip. When in use, it unfolds into a series of vicious curved blades mounted to a central spindle via assemblies resembling propellors.


Devil May Cry 5 promo site, Character - Nero[1]

The helix of sharp metal gives this Devil Breaker incredible penetrating power. Spread its blades to pulverize unlucky foes.


Nico's Weapon Report - Helter Skelter

There was this weird slide in the park near my house when I was a kid, see? That's where I got the inspiration for this design.

The simple design concentrates all the power into the tip to really drill the point home to your enemies. It has a kind of beautiful precision, don't you think?

I made sure it's able to grab stuff, but just all honesty, I kinda want to take out that function. Really streamline the thing, y'know?

子供の頃、近所の公園に奇妙な形の 滑り台があってな。コイツの独特の デザインはそれを元にしたものだ。

一方で、性能面は極めてシンプルな 一点特化型に仕立ててみた。

できるのは、敵を 貫 (つらぬ) き 刻 (きざ) む事だけ。これぐらい 潔 (いさぎよ) い方がロマンがあると思わないか?

念のため物をつまめる程度の機構は 残してやったが……本当ならそれも 取っ払いたいくらいだよ。


Nero using Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter fully opened up after the third-stage animation.

Helter Skelter is unlocked at the start of Mission 03: Flying Hunter along with Punch Line. Following this, Helter Skelters will spawn randomly in missions along with other Devil Breakers, and can be purchased in the store for DMC5 Red Orb1000.

Helter Skelter's primary attack is a piercing drill thrust which can break an enemy's guard, and since it attacks rapidly will often also parry any counter-move they make as a result of being attacked while guarding. If it does not contact an enemy, the attack will just be a small arm-thrust that does nothing. If it does hit something, however, the attack will be extended to deal multiple hits. During this time the player can repeatedly hit the Devil Breaker button to trigger up to two additional drill attacks with the blades further opened out each time, functioning like a Crazy Combo. This can also be performed in the air, and will cause Nero and the enemy to hover until the move completes.

It is largely a single-target weapon, and the large investment of time required to inflict all three hits leaves Nero vulnerable to being attacked from the sides or rear.

The Break Age move throws all of the weapon's power into flying charge move which propels Nero straight forward and then arcs up into the air, damaging all enemies around him regardless of whether or not they try to block it. It can also disregard the "super armor" state of enemies such as the Hell Antenora, hitting them as if they were in their normal state.


Action Command (PS4) Command (PC) Command (XONE) Description
Drill Rig With Helter Skelter equipped: Tap Button ps4 circle repeatedly With Helter Skelter equipped: Tap Pc mclick1 repeatedly With Helter Skelter equipped: Tap Button xbone b repeatedly Spin your arm to unleash a penetrating attack that punches through guards and barriers alike. Tap Button ps4 circle/Button xbone b/Pc mclick1 repeatedly to increase the number of hits.
Drill Master With Helter Skelter equipped: Press and hold Button ps4 circle, then release after your right arm sparks with more power. With Helter Skelter equipped: Press and hold Pc mclick1, then release after your right arm sparks with more power. With Helter Skelter equipped: Press and hold Button xbone b, then release after your right arm sparks with more power. Spin your arm to unleash a penetrating attack. Break through all barriers and guards with a single blow, but the arm will break after a single use.

Monkey Business[]

"A Devil Breaker with a banana motif. Who knows what possessed Nico to build this? The bunch rotates, but is mostly useless."
―Monkey Business' in-game description.
DMC 5 Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Monkey Business (モンキービジネス, Monkey Business?) is a model swap of Helter Skelter, and shares its same movesets, though unique particle effects appear while it is hitting an enemy. It cannot be bought from Nico or Divinity Statues, and must be found within the Missions.[2] Unlike the other DLC Devil Breakers, it has no move descriptions in the pause menu or gallery.

On release, Monkey Business could only be unlocked by redeeming a download code which came with copies bought from[3] Some codes were also given out for free for random users on Xbox One. On May 7, 2019 it became available as a free DLC for all regions and platforms.[4]


  • In the Devil May Cry 5 Official Art Works book, it's revealed how the Monkey Business came about: one of the members from the development team thought one of the parts of the Helter Skelter looked like a banana, and so he tried to change it without anyone's permission to do so. The team ended up loving it, which prompted them to adopt the idea of turning it into a banana-based breaker.[5]
  • The Helter Skelter is one of the Devil Breakers featured on Nero's Sentinel figure.


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