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Hiroyuki Kobayashi

Hiroyuki Kobayashi (小林 裕幸, Kobayashi Hiroyuki?) is a Japanese video game producer. He has worked on and produced several successful titles for Capcom after joining them in 1995.[1]


Kobayashi joined Capcom in 1995, working initially as a programmer in Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Later he became planner for 1999 Dino Crisis. Starting with Dino Crisis 2, Kobayashi would remain in a producer role, ranging from Associate producer to Executive producer to various Capcom titles, up until 2021.

In march 2022, he left Capcom, joining NetEase Games in august. In october, NetEase established GPTRACK50 Studio, where Kobayashi acts as president.

Role in the Devil May Cry series[]

Kobayashi produced the first Devil May Cry game. He returned to the series as the producer of the next generation title Devil May Cry 4. He also supervised Devil May Cry: The Animated Series[2] and the stage play Devil May Cry: The Live Hacker alongisde Hideaki Itsuno.


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