My name is Ifrit. The fool who awakens me shall pay dearly with fires of hell.
—Ifrit, Devil May Cry

Ifrit is a gauntlet Devil Arm that appears in Devil May Cry. The weapon carries the spirit of a fire-elemental demon and its attacks are charged with magical hellfire, far more intense than any natural source of flame.[1] Like Alastor, Ifrit can only be wielded by one strong enough to resist its demonic nature.


Ifrit consists of a pair of incandescent gloves resembling those of a suit of medieval European plate armor. Around the glove is a large dark metal dragon head with the glove between its open jaws as if it is a flame the dragon is breathing. Along the top of the dragon's head are numerous spikes that glow in the same way as the glove, and this glow is also present on the dragon head's teeth and eyes.


DT Ifrit

Dante's demon form with Ifrit.

Dante finds Ifrit on an altar in the Garden, and he hears its voice declaring that he will pay with the "fires of hell" for awakening it. It flies through the air and shackles his arms, trying to pull them apart, but Dante is able to subdue it.

After that point, Dante can channel Ifrit's power, enhancing his attacks with fire and allowing him to take the form of a horned, spiked demon.


Ifrit is the slowest melee weapon in Devil May Cry and has the shortest range, but it also has the highest damage output with the exception of Devil Trigger Sparda. Its aerial attack is an angled downward kick, and can be used to attack enemies that are not directly below Dante. Rolling Blaze is a unique movement-based technique that covers Dante in flames while he is jumping. This can serve as both an offensive and defensive maneuver. All of its attacks except its jump kick, Kick 13 and Rolling Blaze can be charged to increase their damage output. While being charged, Ifrit's attacks will pause the reset time of the Stylish Rank.

While in Devil Trigger, Ifrit gains a multitude of new moves. Kick 13 becomes a fast, multi-hit combo that pushes Dante forward. A new aerial move, Inferno, causes an explosion all around Dante upon landing on the ground (at a cost of some of the DT gauge), making it good for crowd control and forcing nearby enemies back. It also gains access to a long range technique called Meteor, in which Dante throws a fireball at the enemy. It can be charged for a bigger fireball and heavier damage.


Action Cost Command Description
Ifrit Combo N/A B c,B c,B c,B c Tri-level attack that ends by knocking the enemy down. Any part of this combo can be charged by holding downB c.
Jump Kick N/A (mid-air)B c A diving kick performed in mid-air.
Rolling Blaze 3,450 B t Surround the body in flame and damage enemies upon contact.
Magma Drive 500 B r1+B d+B c Charge power and release it in the form of a magma uppercut. HoldingB c increases the power of the attack.
Kick 13 Level 1: 700; Level 2: 2,100B r1+B u+B c A quick and powerful flaming back roundhouse kick, its impact will drive the enemy back. Level 2 is a version with a longer reach.
Meteor Level 1: 900; Level 2: 2,700B r1+B d+B c (Devil Trigger) Shoot fireballs from the fists. Level 2 shoots even more destructive fireballs. HoldingB c increases the power of the attack.
Inferno 4,850 Any direction+B c (mid-air, Devil Trigger) Create a wall of fire and burn everything within range. Drains DT.
Super Kick 13 N/AB r1+B u+B c (Devil Trigger) Kick the enemy multiple times. Drains DT.

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Sengoku BasaraEdit

If Sanada Yukimura (Scorpio in Devil Kings) is equipped with Sparda, Ifrit will appear as arm guards.

Viewtiful JoeEdit

Most characters can perform the Ifrit Combo. In the same game, Dante yells "Inferno!" while performing the Sparda Kick.


Ifrit, just like Alastor, is a part of the Sparda (Devil Arm). It can be used by the player to deal a bit of fire damage to the monsters.


In the Arabic folklore and the Qur'an, Ifrit are either regarded as a class of powerful djinn or as death-spirits seeking revenge on their murderers. The depiction of Ifrit as a fire-elemental draws from Ottoman Turkish descriptions.


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  1. Devil May Cry, Enemy File — Frost: "Although impervious even to volcanic fire, the frosts are weak to higher realms of incendiary. Use the hellfire of Ifrit to counter them."