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Il Chiaro Mondo Hotel is a location in Red Grave City, located near Pawn's Avenue. In Mission 02: Qliphoth, Nero goes through this hotel in order to get to the cathedral, where he faces Goliath. On his way there, he sees V in the distance in an enclosed arena within the ruins.

The hotel, just like the city as a whole, was invaded by the Qliphoth, roots could be seen breaking through the walls and even Nidhogg Hatchlings grew there. It's possible to see that the hotel has at least three floors from the outside, but while inside, there is an area with more floors below.


  • "Il Chiaro Mondo" is Italian for "The Clear World" or "The Light World."
  • The typeface used makes the lowercase "l" look like the numeral "1." This is fairly commonly done on signs to distinguish a lowercase "l" from an uppercase "i."
  • The front face of Il Chiaro Mondo is based on the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London, with wings added to enclose the square with the statue.
  • The area V is seen during the cutscene and gameplay is a playable area exclusive to Secret Mission 4.
  • Entering all the available rooms in the hotel earns the player the "Hotel Tour" Extra Bonus.