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The Imprisoner is a bulky demon that appears in Vergil's Downfall. It is able to rip up the ground and manipulate the debris. Imprisoners are first encountered when Vergil enters his version of Limbo City in Mission 02, although they are not fought until Mission 04.


The Imprisoner is a musclebound demon with four massive arms and a porcelain, doll-like "face" that is actually the covering to its quad-lipped, viciously fanged mouth. It is able to rip up the ground and toss around the debris, as well as fling giant chunks of earth.


As Vergil enters the Limbo City portion of Hell, he spots an Imprisoner chasing an apparition of Kat. He follows, at times distracting the Imprisoner to allow Kat to escape, and finally chases it off at the facsimile of St. Agares's Church. However, the apparition reveals her own demonic nature, taunting and then attacking Vergil, and he is forced to slay it.

Later, after having been convinced by an apparition of himself to get revenge on his mother for allegedly favoring Dante, Vergil returns to the Paradise portion of Hell and hears an Imprisoner attacking his mother, chuckling to himself that he'll be there soon to "rescue" her. He eventually arrives at the chapel where Eva is being manhandled by the Imprisoner and slays the beast, but then turns to her and taunts her by revealing that he "killed Dante", although in truth he only killed Dante's apparition.

After Vergil escapes Hell, a cadre of demons advances on him, led by an Imprisoner. The Imprisoner at first growls aggressively at Vergil, but recognizes his power and bows, then follows the triumphant Vergil along with the rest of his new army.


A good way of taking care of an Imprisoner is to use Vergil's Just Charged attacks, Solar Flare and Atomic, which will launch the Imprisoner into the air, making him defenseless.

Defeating the first Imprisoner will reward the player with the You don't belong here award.