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Mission 05:In Private is the fifth episode of the Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. It aired on July 12, 2007.

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Dante Listens to Cindy and Isaac

Dante listens to Cindy and Isaac's conversation.

Dante walks into Restaurant Fredi, and Fredi serves him a strawberry sundae he already had waiting for him. As Dante eats, he overhears a customer, Isaac, arguing with Cindy, the waitress. Isaac doesn't understand why Cindy won't date him, so Cindy starts to describe her ideal man and ends up likening him to Dante. She then points out Dante to Isaac, who's gone back to eating his sundae. Cindy then tells Isaac that if he were more like Dante, she'd date him.

Isaac Checks Toilet for Woman

Isaac checks the toilet for the woman Dante was with.

Later, Isaac starts stalking Dante as he walks around town in an attempt to figure out what Cindy sees in him. Isaac is taken aback when he sees Dante enter a club. He enters the club and watches as Dante stops a couple from entering the restroom, briefly knocking out the man and going with the woman, who is a demon, instead. Isaac follows after Dante but pauses when he hears gunfire coming from the women's restroom. He then hides and waits for Dante to leave before entering the women's restroom to try and find the woman, but she's nowhere to be found. Before he can figure out what happened, the club's security shows up and punches him in the face.

The next day, at the restaurant, Cindy frets over Isaac's bruised face, but Isaac brushes her off, trying instead to warn her that Dante is a pervert. He tries to explain what he saw last night, but Cindy slaps him before he can finish.

Patty Catches Isaac

Patty catches Isaac spying on Devil May Cry.

At the Devil May Cry shop, Isaac waits outside for Dante to leave. When Dante does, he tries to follow, but is caught by Patty. Not wanting to seem suspicious, Isaac runs from her, but Patty pursues him until he escapes into a narrow alley.

Sometime later, Isaac is feeling sorry for himself in a bar when he overhears Dante and Morrison talking a few tables over. Morrison hands Dante a briefcase full of money and tells him to be careful. Isaac downs the rest of his drink and follows Dante to the docks.

As Dante waits at the docks, several cars arrive carrying the mafia. They question why Dante's here. Dante tells him that they don't need to be messing with things and pulls Ivory on them. The mafia then transforms into demons, but because Isaac is hiding behind a crate, he can't tell that the mafia is full of demons. The demons then pull out their own weapons, prompting Dante to start a gunfight with them. As bullets fly, Isaac chooses to run away and ends up falling into the water.

Isaac Tries to Warn Cindey

Isaac tries to warn Cindy that Dante is dangerous.

Back at the restaurant, Isaac sneezes as he tries to tell Cindy that Dante is a killer. She once again doesn't seem to believe him. Isaac is so loud that other patrons overhear him and start voicing their concerns. Cindy tells Isaac to go home.

Instead of going home, Isaac breaks into Devil May Cry in an attempt to find some damning evidence that will get Dante locked up. As he's digging through Dante's desk, he hears a demonic voice. Isaac looks around the shop but doesn't see anything, so he goes back to rummaging through Dante's things. Multiple demonic voices then start speaking, and when Isaac turns around, he sees several demonic skulls that start arguing over who gets to use Isaac to free them. Isaac tries to escape only to find the front door locked, so he runs upstairs to escape the skulls. In a room upstairs, he runs into Sid, who assures him that he won't tell Dante that he broke into his shop. Sid then offers Isaac a box, promising that it will help him discover the truth about Dante. Before Isaac can question it too much, Lady starts knocking on the door, asking if Dante's home as she's heard that he's made money recently. When she enters the room, no one is there, but the window is open.

Once again, Issac tries to convince Cindy to believe what he has to say about Dante as he hobbles after her in the restaurant with his now injured ankle. Cindy condemns Isaac for breaking into Dante's shop and leaves.

Sid's Gift to Isaac

The demonic bell Sid gave Isaac to assist him in finding out the truth about Dante.

At Isaac's apartment, he trips coming in the door, causing the box that Sid gave him to fall out of his pocket. Isaac opens the box to find a small demonic-looking bell. Out of frustration, he tosses the box at the wall, causing the bell to fall out. Isaac then begins to hear strange demonic sounds, so he grabs a gun from his desk drawer and leaves his apartment.

Out on the streets, Isaac skittishly points his gun at a sound coming from an alley, only to realize it was a cat all along. As Isaac tries to calm the cat, a demon emerges from an alley behind him. Despite his injured ankle, Isaac manages to run away and hide in a trash can. When Isaac peaks out, he sees Dante staring down the demon. Isaac is surprised when instead of running, Dante taunts the demon. Dante then bisects the demon in one blow with Rebellion, leaving Isaac stunned.

The next day, Isaac attempts to convince Cindy that Dante is a demon. Cindy accuses him of lying, but before Isaac can continue, Dante walks in. Dante sits at the bar, and Isaac flees, much to Cindy's confusion. Dante asks who Isaac is, and Cindy explains how she's actually considering dating him, but his recent behavior is concerning. She then tells Dante how Isaac accused him of being a demon. As they look outside the bar, Isaac can be seen hiding in an alley. Dante watches him flee silently.

At a bar, Dante pays Lady after losing a pool game to her. Patty tells Dante that there's been a strange man hanging around his office. Lady shares that he had a strange visitor there the other night as well.

In Isaac's apartment, Isaac is packing his things in a suitcase. As he leaves, Dante exits the elevator. Seeing him, Isaac runs back into his apartment and climbs out the window. When Dante enters the apartment, he notices the demonic bell on the floor. Dante then pursues Isaac to his car but doesn't stop him when he drives away.

Dante Stares Down Summoned Demon

Dante stares down the larger demon he summoned using Sid's gift to Isaac.

Isaac drives into the desert, but when he stops, Dante appears in front of his car, holding the bell Sid gave Isaac. He rings it, causing a portal to suddenly appear behind him. Demons start crawling out, calling Dante's name, but Dante swiftly deals with them. Dante then rings the bell once again, and a larger demon appears to Isaac's dismay. After dodging all of its attacks, Dante is able to stab the demon before finishing it off with Ebony & Ivory as the sun rises.

In the aftermath of the battle, Isaac attempts to sneak off, but Dante stops him, holding up a picture of Isaac and Cindy that Isaac left in his apartment. Dante advises him to tell Cindy that he's leaving so she can chase him. Baffled, Isaac asks if that's why Dante followed him out here, but Dante rebuffs him, saying it was because he wanted to kill demons. He then tosses the bell in the air and shoots it, destroying it. Isaac tries to ask Dante what he is, but Dante avoids directly answering.

Dante Eats Strawberry Sundae Alone

Dante eats a strawberry sundae by himself at Fredi's.

At Fredi's, Dante is eating a strawberry sundae by himself when Isaac walks in. He sits down at Dante's table and orders a strawberry sundae as well. Dante halfheartedly complains as Isaac wolves down his sundae.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Fredi and his restaurant, a location that the cast mention and visit multiple times throughout the series. Dante frequents the restaurant often enough that Fredi anticipates his visits.
  • The well-known image of Dante eating a strawberry sundae by himself is from this episode. The moment is referenced in one of the S rank clear bonus images in Devil May Cry 5 for mission 18.
  • When Cindy tells Dante that Isaac accused him of being a demon, Dante remarks that he's "got things about half right" in obvious acknowledgement of his half-demon nature.