Infestants are ectoplasmic demon parasites searching for a suitable host, usually a vehicle. They themselves are lesser demons in Devil May Cry 2, but when attached to tanks or a helicopter are considered Bosses. They first appear in Mission 5 of Dante's scenario and Mission 4 of Lucia's scenario.


In their normal form they appear as large insects that lunge at their enemies. Infestants are able to take over a number of different hosts[1] and when they find a suitable one, such as the case with the Infested Tank and Infested Helicopter, a large bulging eye grows in the area where the Infestant remains.

Since the Infestants mainly fuse with machines, they most likely cannot infest living beings or powerful beings, as the Infestants cannot infest the players, merely damage them. This implies that it is easier for them to take over something with no life, or the Infestants have a certain level of knowledge regarding the weapons and machines from the Human World. This is not at all impossible since the lower ranking demons are the ones who inhabit the Human World the most within the series. Their use of machines may also be the work of Arius, since these military vehicles are already owned by his company to secure their facilities and projects, and even defend his city on Dumary Island.



Infestants only appear outside of secret missions on Lucia's way towards the Uroboros building, Skyscraper Sanctum. Defeat them like normal enemies.

Infested TankEdit

Infested Tank

Infestant Tank

Encountered by both Dante and Lucia, the Infested Tank is powerful[2] but incredibly vulnerable due to its size. It can only rotate its cannon, which will never hit the player at close range, and a direct shot is practically impossible for it to make. Its high HP makes it best used for stylish grade developing and orb collection, although one of them have minor demons puias around them that could cause issues.

Infested ChopperEdit

Infested Chopper

Infested Chopper

Main article: Dante's Mission 5

The boss of Mission 5 of Dante's scenario. The Infested Chopper[3] is indeed harder as it never remains still, has attacks including a machine gun and missiles and, as it is flying most of the time, the player has no other option than use their firearms rather than their blades/devil arms. Even with such advantages the Infested Chopper does not have a high amount of HP for a boss, therefore a Devil Trigger-Firearm combo with the Electric Heart should make the battle much easier.



  • Infested Tank is based on a German Leopard 2 A5 main battle tank, while Infested Chopper is a fictional hybrid of an AH-64 Apache and a Eurocopter Tiger.
  • Infested Tank appears to have been referenced from a photograph of a tank performing gunnery exercises, as it has a Hoffman gunfire simulator mounted on the front of the turret, to the left of the main gun.

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