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The following are items in DmC: Devil May Cry. Different from most of the classic games, items in DmC: Devil May Cry can only be found once per save-file.

Vital Star[]

Vital Star DmC

The returning Vital Star item will replenish Dante's Vitality when used. They come in both Small and Large varieties, with the latter fully restoring health.

Devil Trigger Star[]

The Devil Trigger Star item replenishes Dante's magic when used, allowing him to access his Devil Trigger state. They come in both Small and Large varieties, with the latter fully restoring magic.

Health Cross[]

Health Cross MQ

By completing the game's Secret Missions, the player will receive a Health Cross Fragment. When four fragments are collected, Dante's maximum Vitality will be increased.[1] They take the place of the Blue Orb and Blue Orb Fragments of past titles.

Devil Trigger Cross[]

By scouring areas, Dante can find Devil Trigger Cross Fragments. When four are collected, Dante's magic will be increased, allowing him to store more DT energy and stay in Devil Trigger longer. These take the place of the Purple Orbs of past titles.


Copper Argent Key

A Copper Key

Several different types of keys exist; Copper, Argent (Silver), Gold and Ivory. Collecting the keys will give Dante the opportunity to access Secret Missions via Sealed Doors. The key required to unlock a door is denoted by their similar color scheme. Once used, a Key is lost, but the door it unlocked will remain open. In DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition, the Secret Mission system has been reworked so that there are only Gold Keys and Gold Doors, so any Key can be used on any Door.

Lost Soul[]

Lost Soul

Image of a Lost Soul from the in-game description.

A Lost Soul is the soul of a human who is trapped in Limbo, and freeing them all within a level increases the Mission completion bonus. They also release a handful of Red Orbs when collected. Lost Souls are usually placed on walls, in hard to reach places that might be missed during normal passage through an area; listen for their agonized wails when Dante draws near one.

Blue Rose[]

Dante & Blue Rose

Dante and a Blue Rose.

Blue Roses are items in DmC: Devil May Cry. When Dante finds one, he is caught in a trance, and sent to a "secret area" outside of the Limbo City's boundaries. Within this secret area, Dante battles and earns special powers, like his Devil Trigger.

They're also a referrence to Nero's Blue Rose.