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Yes, I'm looking forward to it. The longer one gambles, the more interesting it becomes, the same as it gives.

Joe is a millionaire known as "Gold Arm Joe" in the world of betting, nickname given thanks to his luck and wins won.


One night on a cruise for millionaires and bourgeoisie, Joe decides to bet on a poker game against Amanda, a woman who possesses the good fortune of a goddess, "Santa Claus", a man nicknamed by his appearance, Paul, an addicted man to the bets and Dante, thus winning the first round of the game. During the game begins to tell about the rumor of King, a mysterious player who apparently can invoke death, is believed to come from hell and after being defeated by him, the challenger will die. After this Joe decides to suggest that the possible aspect of King is that of an older man or a very beautiful woman, trying to play with his opponents making them think that any of those present could be him.

During the game your letter is caressed by a mysterious force. After this move ends up losing against the others trying to withdraw without saying anything, but nevertheless dying based on a heart attack caused by King.


Being a poker player usually acts in a petulant and somewhat egocentric, but still act smart and manipulative. This can be seen while he is in the game counting part of the rumor of King, being that this way could generate doubt and confusion to his opponents giving to understand that anyone could be King, including him.


Joe is a man of adult age with long dark brown hair, white complexion and black eyes.

Dress a formal white suit with pants of the same color, a black inner shirt and a crimson tie. As adorned, he wears a red button on the left chest of the suit, a variety of silver rings with different shapes on both hands and on each finger, although the color varies in the rings of his thumbs, these being golden and two rings of color black on the rings of each hand.