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Judgement Cut (次元斬, Jigenzan?, lit. “Dimension Slash”)[note 1] also known as Slash Dimension (スラッシュディメンション, Surasshu Dimenshon ?) is a Yamato exclusive technique used by Vergil and Dante that makes its first appearance in Devil May Cry 3, and later returns in Devil May Cry 4, DmC: Devil May Cry, and Devil May Cry 5.


Yamato uses its space-cutting properties to attack enemies at a distance from the user.

In Devil May Cry 3, Vergil slides back and slashes so quickly that he appears to only unsheathe and resheathe Yamato via iaidou/iaijutsu. A cone shaped distortion protrudes outward from Vergil and within that distortion forms a dark purple orb that causes a more intense visual distortion that is then covered in curved slashes.

In Devil May Cry 4, Dante uses Yamato to perform a very similar attack called Slash Dimension. Much like Vergil before him, Dante slides back and quickly releases a flurry of slashes left behind as light traces around a large area; the slashes explode upon having a single after-effect-slash of light cut through the mass via dispersing it.

In Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Judgement Cut returns as a part of Vergil's moveset. The execution is exactly the same but the attack itself appears a vortex of purple energy in which straight slashes with a blue glow form inside. While in the air, Vergil is stationary while using a similar stance as when on the ground. When using the frame perfect Judgement Cut, Vergil stands in place and instantly releases the attack, and the vortex has more slashes in it while also being bigger. A perfect frame midair Judgement Cut looks the same but is released instantly. Either version no longer emits the cone-shaped distortion from before.

DmC: Devil May Cry, Vergil slashes once, usually to knock an enemy back into the attack itself. The vortex itself is changed into salvo of various vertical slashes with a whirlwind-esque vortex around it that erupts into a brief updraft finisher. The Charge version makes the slash vortex appear larger while also adding a few more slash effects, while the Perfect Slice version coats the initial draw slash and the vortex itself entirely in orange with flame effects from Yamato. Unlike the original version, this version's slash is more like a singular drawing-slash akin to one of the Yamato's classic finishers, as Vergil only resheathes his blade after the attack's end.

In Devil May Cry 5, Judgement Cut is once again one of Vergil's techniques with the Yamato, now appearing as a black and blue distortion ripple. Rather than instantly appearing around the opponent, the Judgement Cut travels and homes in on the target, tracing a visible line on the floor when performed on the ground.

In Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition (or DMC 5's Vergil DLC), Vergil as a playable character has it as a part of his arsenal. Unlike the boss version, it is no longer a traveling projectile but now appears instantly and directly at the opponent's location, regardless of range and appears as a series of slashes that end in a light blue ripple, the opposite of its depiction in Devil May Cry 3. When Vergil uses it on the ground, his sheath is wrapped in a light blue aura.


Judgement Cut is a charge attack in Yamato's moveset that is used to hit an enemy at a distance.

Devil May Cry 3[]

As a boss, Vergil always teleports backwards to gain the safe distance before launching the attack. The attack is depicted by a conolar distortion before a dark purple orb accompanied by the sound of distorting space. This attack can be dodged by a properly timed jump or dodge roll to the side, though also being on the move helps; Vergil even then when executing Judgement Cut, is left open to incoming gap-closers such as Stinger should the player run towards him into proper range.

In the final battle, Vergil at some point in later phases can teleport away from the map and generate dozens of Judgement Cut distortions sweeping across the screen, tracking Dante. Before doing the attack, he warns Dante with phrases: "This is the end!" or "You trash!"

In Special Edition, Judgement Cut could be bought for 10000 Red Orbs, and Level 2 can be bought for 20000 Red Orbs. Judgement Cut can be initiated by holding the melee button, but can only be released on the ground and the charge is indicated by Yamato's sheath being charged with dark purple energy and some lightning. Before attacking, Vergil slides backwards to put some distance between him and the target. This movement generally makes up for its slightly longer startup animation (and the extra time for the hitbox to actually be active). Successfully landing the attack will knock the enemy back.

Once Level 2 is unlocked, Vergil is able to execute two additional Judgement Cuts in front of him or can be piled onto his currently locked-on target. These must be done with perfect timing per each input.

Devil May Cry 4[]

Perfect Judgement Cut

Perfect Judgement Cut.

Slash Dimension is an attack similar to Judgement Cut that Dante can use after obtaining Yamato and the Dark Slayer Style in Mission 18. It has two variations, close and far, that are activated with a directional input. For either variation, Dante slides back and makes multiple quick slashes in a single quick-draw, ending with a single slashing pillar effect dispersing the rest of the slashes. The slide can help create some distance between himself and any nearby enemies, but there is still a large window of vulnerability. The attack also has a slight delay before it takes effect, long enough to execute a technique like Stinger. The attack covers a relatively large area and knocks back enemies. Slash Dimension F causes the slash effects to appear a set distance away from Dante, while Slash Dimension C forms the slash effects directly in front of Dante.

In Special Edition, Judgement Cut remains in Vergil's moveset. Now its power depends on the Concentration Gauge, which changes its amount of slashes and the size of the vortex (being the biggest and most amount at once at max Concentration). It can be charged and released during any of Yamato's attacks and its full charge is signified by a flash along with the prior dark energy effects emanating from Yamato. After releasing the melee button, Vergil will slide back to put some distance between him and enemies before releasing the attack (which unlike in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, the vortex itself comes out faster just upon Vergil drawing his blade). While in the air, Judgement Cut will not reposition Vergil, but instead temporarily slow his descent. The attack itself is capable of hitting an enemy at any distance.

Releasing the melee button with frame perfect timing - which is just as Yamato flashes - will release Judgement Cut instantly, eliminating the back slide animation and increasing the damage. However, the attack overall has been nerfed in power a bit compared to the prior versions but scales with Concentration amount as aforementioned; it can also no longer be inputted continuously like before. One easy way to combo into a frame-perfect Judgement Cut is to hold the melee button upon executing Yamato Combo B (which may require some execution to prevent cancelling the Combo B finisher), then simply releasing the button when Vergil first sheathes the blade. Though some moves such as the rising held-down version of Upper Slash delays the charging period for Judgement Cut, throwing off its general timing.

Judgement Cut End (次元斬・絶, Jigenzan: Zetsu?, lit. “Dimension Slash: Suppress”) also makes its debut appearance in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. To perform it, Vergil has to have maximum Concentration and be in a Devil Trigger state and input both melee + Style/Trick buttons in unison. Before unleashing the move as he charges his stance, he shouts out various words: "You shall die!", "My power shall be absolute!", "I shall surpass Sparda!", while charging the attack. While charging, Vergil will not be effected by stun or stagger from a majority of attacks, nor will the damage received affect the Concentration Gauge. Vergil then pushes forward with such speed that he disappears and faint after-images follow. Every enemy onscreen appears to stop moving and slashes fill the screen before Vergil reappears and sheathes his sword, after which the slashes take effect and inflict large amounts of damage to any enemy caught in it. Visually, it resembles a more stronger and refined wide-scale version of Dante's Slash Dimension. Once performed however, it does not deplete both of Vergil's Concentration and Devil Trigger gauges (the latter still drains normally and is halted only during Judgement Cut End's animation).

However, like other attacks with the same input (via melee + Trick button), Vergil might accidentally cancel Judgement Cut End's startup with a lock-on Air Trick teleport (especially if already locked-on to a target), so allowing it to fully animate often requires no further button presses or actions when Vergil is performing the move. Another easy way to bypass this issue is to hold down the Trick button then tap the melee button while doing so.

DmC: Devil May Cry[]

Vergil is capable of using Judgement Cut with Yamato in his neutral moveset and is capable of hitting his enemy with the draw of the blade into the vortex of slices, only this time Vergil does not resheath his blade until after the attack ends (making it resemble more of the classic Vergil's Yamato drawing-slash finisher).

Judgement Cut Charge (次元斬・練, Jigenzan: Ren?, lit. “Dimension Slash: Refine”) is the Level 2 version that is done by charging up the move for a bit longer beforehand for higher damage, via increasing the overall radius of the slash array which in turn has a bigger hitbox. Vergil unlike his classic version, stands upright holding Yamato to his side when charging it idly.

Meanwhile, Perfect Slice (次元斬・極, Jigenzan: Kyoku?, lit. “Dimension Slash: Extreme”) is a frame perfect/just charge execution of Judgement Cut (Charge) for more overall damage, resulting in magical flames being emitted from Yamato's draw and turning the slash array + whirlwind from clear blue to orange-red. The slash vortex itself has its overall range in-between the normal and charged version, but also goes by faster.

Devil May Cry 5[]

DMC5SE promotional image (3)

In Devil May Cry 5, Vergil once again employs the Judgement Cut (now spelled “Judgment Cut”) both as a boss and a player character (in Special Edition or DLC). The visual effect of the attack is different from DMC4—curved, rather than straight slashes, and the sound effect differs between the boss and player Vergil.

Boss Vergil can perform several Judgement Cuts both on the ground and in mid-air in rapid succession that are capable of following the player into the air. He also possesses the Judgement Cut End ability from Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition—before the attack the area around Vergil gets darker, and he exclaims, “Slay All...” or “Eliminate All...” Its range is indicated by the light blue circle on the floor. When hit, the player stays in place until Vergil sheathes the Yamato; dealing a significant amount of damage and hit-stun. The player can bypass the hit-stun by using Devil Trigger or Break Away for Nero (the damage is still dealt when doing this). When hit while in Devil Trigger or Sin Devil Trigger, the damage happens instantaneously without the hit-stun. It is also possible to completely evade the move through I-frames from well-timed jumps, side rolls (including Table Hopper) and even certain moves such as Nero's Shuffle or the start-up of Dante's Full Throttle, and can even be negated by a well-timed Royal Block (having Devil Trigger activated will allow Judgement Cut End to be blocked by a normal block).

Judgement Cut remains one of player Vergil's starting abilities. It can follow any attack or taunt involving Yamato, including dual wield attacks with Mirage Edge (Combo B and Deep Stinger), can be performed both on the ground and in mid-air, and has a long range. In Sin Devil Trigger the attack can hit up to three targets at once. Devil Clone can perform Judgement Cut even when the player uses an attack with similar input with other weapons.

As in DMC4SE the attack can be executed with perfect timing, which makes it come out immediately and triples the number of slashes increasing its power. For this the button must be released just as the scabbard starts sparkling after an attack, dash, or the sword sheathing. Perfect Cut execution window is slightly longer in the air, Perfect Judgement Cuts can be performed in quick succession up to 3 times – unlike in DMC3SE consecutive Cuts must be timed also – with the 3rd perfect Cut being indicated by Vergil's “Jackpot”. Therefore, under normal circumstances the maximum number of consecutive Judgement Cuts is 4 (a normal one followed by 3 perfect Cuts), however, by cancelling the string with Enemy Step or a Trick Action before the 3rd Cut is out, it is possible to keep performing consecutive Cuts indefinitely, while staying in the air. During the aerial consecutive Judgement Cuts Vergil can move in the direction of the Left Stick.

Judgement Cut End is Vergil's super attack with Yamato, it must be bought for DMC5 Red Orb35000. As in DMC4SE it requires Concentration Level 2, but now can be performed either in human form with a full SDT gauge, with all of it expended when the attack starts, or in SDT, in which case each use of those super moves will deplete only a portion (~30%) of the gauge while dealing increased damage. The input is changed slightly—now it's a forward-directional Melee plus Trick attack. Vergil is vulnerable during the attack wind-up; where attacks can reduce his Concentration Gauge and knock him off completely if the move is executed in human form. Player's Judgement Cut End doesn't have the boss's attack visual effects, Vergil is followed by electric trail instead. He also uses different voice lines—“You shall die!”, “Now you meet your end”, and “My power shall be absolute.”

Sound Effect[]

Notes and references[]

  1. referred to as a "kūkan kiri" (空間斬り, kūkan kiri?, lit. “(air)space cut”) in official guides for the original release of DMC3


  • Predating Judgement Cut End, a similar move as one of Vergil's Hyper Combos in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 called Dimension Slash (絶刀, Zettō?, lit. “Suppress Blade”) works akin to it with Vergil dashing and leaving behind several Judgement Cuts in various directions, and sheathing his blade only when the attack is completely finished.
    • The UMvC3 version of Dimension Slash AKA the Zettō technique is also likely based on Vergil's teleporting Judgement Cut sequence in his final boss battle in Devil May Cry 3, where unlike Judgement Cut End, the rift slashes are unleashed in continuous succession as opposed to a piled-on-near-instant barrage.