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Devil May Cry 4 Jump Canceling with Dante

Jump Canceling with Dante and Nero in Devil May Cry 4

Jump Cancel is a technique that appears in nearly every Devil May Cry game. It allows the player to interrupt virtually any of the protagonists' techniques by leaping off the enemy at the exact frame in which they touch their foes, usually by using the Enemy Step or Leap abilities.


Jump Canceling is performed by executing an Enemy Step(or a Leap in the Reboot) close to an enemy allowing the player character to cancel their current action by jumping off that enemy, enabling them to either repeat that action or perform another aerial action, including attacks that can only be performed once in the air before needing to land or make contact with a surface, like Helm Breaker for example. While this mechanic is present in the first game, it is used to much greater effect in the third and later games to endlessly chain aerial attacks and deal relentless amounts of damage to airborne enemies. And due to Enemy Step cancelling your current falling velocity, this also allows the player to stay airborne for longer amounts of time.

Attacks like the Rebellion's Aerial Rave that keep the enemy close widen the window of opportunity for leaping off of enemies, while attacks like Yamato's Slash Dimension C that push the enemy away will make it much more difficult to achieve accurate timing. Certain attacks cannot be efficiently jump canceled at all; for example, the damage from Arbiter's Drop is generated by the shockwave, rather than the axehead hitting the enemy, so attempting to jump cancel would result in a whiffed attack.

In Devil May Cry 4 & 5, Nero can use his Snatch(and Wire Snatch) technique in conjunction with Jump Canceling to climb indefinitely, while in DmC: Devil May Cry, Dante can use Ophion's Demon Pull and Angel Lift in conjunction with Jump Canceling to achieve the same result, although his Devil Trigger can also be used to make this process easier and widen the window of opportunity. This process is actually required within normal gameplay to acquire a Gold Key in Mission 9.