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Deactivated Pad

Inactive Jump Pad

Jump Pads are primarily the pads that allow the player to reach higher areas not capable of a normal jump. These pads can be triggered by jumping on the symbol found on the center of each pad.

Active Pad

Active Jump Pad

In Devil May Cry 4, the player can utilize a Jump Pad by collecting the Wing Talisman item, this allows the player to use Jump Pads in an instant.


In Devil May Cry 4, there are different types of Jump Pads, along with their own capabilities.

  • Red Jump Pad - The most common Jump Pad found in the game, these jump pads allow the player to reach high areas while jumping vertically.
  • Blue Jump Pad - Found only in Mission 18, these pads allow the player to jump horizontally in a specified direction.
  • Light Blue Pad - Found only in Mission 15, this pad was activated via a Mechanism which Dante had activated. This allows immense vertical jumping for reaching areas higher. This jump pad allows the player to reach nearly 10 times higher than a Red Jump Pad.
  • Jump Platform - These are violet platforms that are not classified as pads, but merely act as elevators. The player can step on this pad, and activate it with the Wing Talisman to transport him to a higher area.