Just Charging is a property of certain chargeable moves in the Devil May Cry games. The point is releasing just as the attack becomes charged.
Just Attacks

Three "Just" Vergil attacks


By making a just-charged attack, it will emit a specific bright glow and unique sound effect. The damage becomes roughly twice as powerful and some attacks may recieve additional effects. In Dmc: Devil May Cry, enemy devil trigger status will be temporarily disabled upon impact from any form of just charge attacks, making them extremely efficient at  Dante Must Die difficulty. In the Vergil's downfall expansion, all three of Vergil's just charge attack have invincibility frame. 


Gilgamesh (Devil May Cry 4)Edit

  • Gilgamesh Combo A
  • Gilgamesh Combo B
  • Straight
  • Beast Uppercut -> Turns into Rising Dragon
  • Rising Dragon -> Turns into Divine Dragon
  • Shock!

Beowulf (Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition)Edit

  • Beowulf Combo A
  • Beowulf Combo B
  • Beast Uppercut -> Turns into Rising Dragon
  • Rising Dragon -> Turns into Dragon Breaker

Yamato (Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition)Edit

  • Judgement Cut 

Rebellion / Osiris / Aquila (DmC: Devil May Cry)Edit

  • Drive
  • Raze
  • Round Trip

Ebony & Ivory (DmC: Devil May Cry)Edit

  • Rico Shot

Yamato (DmC: Devil May Cry)Edit

  • Judgement cut -> Turns into Perfect Slice
  • Rising Star -> Turns into Solar Flare
  • Volcano -> Turns into Atomic


  • In Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, while on max concentration, Vergil can charge Beowulf up to three levels, instead of the two that are common to most gauntlet type weapons. The attacks release instantly independently of player's input when charge level 3 is reached, and the resulting attack is identical to a Just Charged level 2 attack.
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