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The Kablooey is a firearm in DmC: Devil May Cry which fires explosive charges that stick to its targets. In the human world, it looks like a simple taser.


Kablooey is a metallic and grey gun that is built with many components, it has a trigger like most guns, it has a grey, ancient imprinted component, that in the "Concept Art", is able to spread and split into many segments that a teal energy glows at its epicenter, which is basically the "Shards" in its gameplay, it has a size alot like Ebony & Ivory and has a mint green handle.


During Mission 16, Vergil gives Dante the Kablooey when they meet each other in the elevator. Acquiring the Kablooey rewards the player with the You're not going to shoot me award.

In terms of gameplay itself, Kablooey has manual detonating darts that function similar to Devil May Cry 4's Lucifer. The damage dealt by the darts themselves is minimal, but the explosion deals high damage, so it would be best to get as many darts in the enemy as possible before detonating. Kablooey's long recoil can be Shot Canceled by jumping and aerial dodging. Up to four darts can be quickly embedded in the enemy with this method.

When combined with Demon Dodge and Devil Trigger, a six dart explosion can take out more than 3/4 off a bosses health on Dante Must Die.

As a firearm, the Kablooey can be cycled to with Button PS4 Dpad Up/Button xbone ls-up.

Action Command (PS3) Command (360) Description
Shoot Button ps4 square Button xbone x Fires demonic darts that embed themselves into enemies. The darts have no effect until detonated.
Level 2: Maximum of 5 darts

Level 3: Maximum of 6 darts

Detonate Button ps4 square+Button ps4 cross Button xbone x+Button xbone a Detonates all darts currently embedded in enemies.



  • The title of the award earned for acquiring Kablooey, "You're not going to shoot me", is a reference to Jester's line from Devil May Cry 3 "You're not going to shoot me are you? If you do, I'll die, you know?"