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Kalina Ann is the mother of Lady and the former wife of Arkham. She was sacrificed in a ritual by the latter.

She is the origin of Kalina Ann launcher's name.


Little is known about Kalina Ann's life. It is known that she was Arkham's wife, and that she truly loved him. However, in an attempt to gain demonic power, he sacrificed her life in a dark ritual.

Kalina Ann's death is what drove her daughter Mary to seek the path of revenge and forsake her birth name. In her mother's honor, she named her signature weapon, the Kalina Ann launcher.


Kalina Ann is briefly shown in the DMC3 Manga. She was shown in front of Arkham's door (The door of the library of his assumed home) holding a tea on a plate. She had told her husband that their daughter Mary was coming home late.


Kalina Ann had long black hair that went to her hips. She wore a long sleeved shirt with a skirt. The rest of her clothing was too hard to make out.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Although Kalina Ann does not appear in any cards, she is mentioned in the flavor text of the "Forged in Battle" card which displays Lady alongside Demitri Maximoff from the Darkstalkers series, the flavor texts reads as follow:

She was once at the mercy of the demons, but now she ascends to new heights, a rival to their prince. Together with her mother, she gives life to flowers of flame.