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Kalina Ann II is one of Dante's weapons in Devil May Cry 5. It was created by Nico for Lady to replace the original, but was later given to Dante.


After the original Kalina Ann was lost after the first battle with Urizen, Nico made this replacement. It is basically identical to the original weapon, but with the ability to dock with the original Kalina Ann for a more powerful attack.

While Kalina Ann is based mostly on an M20 "Super Bazooka," Kalina Ann II's redesign is more reminiscent of a Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, in particular the new carry handle design.


Nico's Weapon Report - Kalina Ann II
A replica of Lady's Kalina Ann I fashioned from memory.
Don't let the "II" fool you, it's not an upgrade on the original. I made sure it didn't stray too far from the source material.
Still, this IS me we're talking about I added a fun little something extra for when the original Kalina Ann surfaces. Might be a bit much for Lady... But Dante? Heh heh...


Kalina Ann II is acquired automatically at the start of Mission 18. It features an identical moveset to the regular Kalina Ann, with the only real difference coming about if Dante possesses both weapons at the same time: in that case, he can equip them as Double Kalina Ann.


Action Command Description
Howitzer Shot Press Button ps4 square Launch a missile with an explosive payload.
High Explosive While on the ground, hold Button ps4 square then release when sparks fly from Kalina Ann II DMC5 Red Orb3000
Launch a powered up missile packed with high explosive.

Action Command Description
Level 1
Multiple With Kalina Ann II equipped: While on the ground, press Button ps4 circle Automatically lock on to multiple enemies and launch a storm of homing missiles.
Level 2
Blaster With Kalina Ann II equipped: While mid-air, press Button ps4 circle Fire a cannon blast straight downward.
Level 3
Hysteric With Kalina Ann equipped: While on the ground, press Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 ls-down+Button ps4 circle Launch a barrage of micro missiles in a wide arc in front of you. Tap Button ps4 circle repeatedly to increase the number of missiles launched.
Level 4
Paranoia With Kalina Ann equipped: While on the ground, press Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 ls-up+Button ps4 circle Lock on to a single enemy and launch a barrage of homing missiles.


  • The Kalina Ann II is featured in Dante's Prime1 Studio statue.


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