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"Dante! Get out of there, you're in danger!"
―Kat to Dante[src]
"Dante!- Don't shoot! My name is Kat I'm not a demon! I'm still in the real world and you're in Limbo. <...> I'm a Medium.. A Psychic. I can phase into Limbo and communicate with you. I can see you, talk to you, but I'm not actually in Limbo with you. <...> I'm risking my life here for you. I want to help."
―Kat to Dante[src]
"Welcome to The Order. <...> That's the idea. The demons are amongst us Dante. They are enslaving mankind. The world is asleep. Brain-washed. Helpless. We're fighting back. We're a small handful of freedom fighters. We are the last and only line of defense. <...> We don't leave things to chance. We've accumulated vast intelligence on the demons and their collaborators. World leaders, bankers, pop stars, we can hit them where it hurts."
―Kat to Dante about The Order[src]
"Our world and Limbo are very closely super positioned. They collide in places we call Rifts. It's here in the Rifts that we can create gateways here and from Limbo."
―Kat to Dante about Rifts[src]
"Well spells can take hours if not days to prepare so why not can it for instant use later? <...> Vergil taught me the basics of Demonology and Occultism, Vergil said I had a natural talent for it. Said it would help me focus on something...constructive. <...> Instead of focusing on the nightmares."
―Kat to Dante[src]
"I was here years ago as a child. Explored the whole facility unseen. I sensed a demon under the factory. A succubus. An ancient one. I believe it's the source of the psychedelic ingredient. It's what they use to control us."
―Kat to Dante on the Vitality Factory[src]
"If you're told something is true often enough you tend to believe it. They told me I was crazy for seeing demons. <...> They wanted to put me on drugs. Said it would make me better. They lied. They just wanted to keep me weak. Docile."
―Kat to Dante[src]
"Is it relevant? <...> He rescued me. I was in a foster home. My foster father was a demon. He attacked me most nights. I had to get out. <...> It's okay, I felt nothing. I couldn't physically escape so I found another way. I.. I aimlessly wandered Limbo in spirit form. I found Vergil there. He heard my cry for help. He helped me deal with the demons. Both figuratively and literally. I killed the bastard. Now I want to deal with them all."
―Kat to Dante about her past and how she met Vergil[src]
"So the Hellgate is the main source of Mundus' power. It can only be reached from his chamber. You must break into the chamber and close the Hellgate. Mundus is still weak from his last outburst. This is your chance to defeat him."
―Kat to Dante and Vergil[src]
"Dante! Dante, don't kill him. Please. I am begging you. Please. Stop. For me."
―Kat pleading with Dante to spare Vergil[src]
"I know exactly who you are. You are Dante, nothing more and nothing less."
―Kat reassuring Dante[src]