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Devil May Cry has a large amount of Key Items which Dante must find and use to progress through the game.

List of Key Items[]

Rusty Key[]

Rusty Keys are old but functioning keys found throughout the castle and are used to unlock certain doors.[1] There are three of them in Devil May Cry:

  1. The first key is found in the first mission in the hand of a seemingly lifeless puppet within the gatekeeper's room and is used to open the door to the hangar.
  2. The second key is found in Mission 2 embedded in the painting of a Grim Reaper within the library and is used to open the door to the courtyard.
  3. The final key is found within a pipe in the waterways in Mission 6, and is used to open a door further along them.

Staff of Judgment[]

A staff which shines with mysterious light. It cannot be used as a weapon. [2] It is found in Mission 2, and is required to open the Judge of Death door.

Pride of Lion[]

Pride of Lion

Pride of Lion

A proof of strength that dispels the barrier surrounding the "lion" in the fountain courtyard.[3] It is found in Mission 3.

Death Sentence[]

A decorative sword that is said to be used for rituals, although its only in-game function is to act as a key to retrieve the Melancholy Soul from the Melancholy bust. It cannot be used as a weapon.[4] It is found in Mission 4.

Melancholy Soul[]

A strange ornament that is described as looking like a soul. It acts as the key into the castle's sewers, although it must be inserted into the door quickly, or else it will lose its power. A statue capable of restoring its power is located off from the fountain courtyard.[5] It is found near the end of Mission 4, and becomes active at the beginning of Mission 5.

Guiding Light[]

A scorching hot key that unlocks the sun door in the Castellan's bedroom that leads to a pathway under the Main Hall roof. It must be inserted quickly into the door however, or it will slowly kill Dante.[6] It is found at the end of Mission 6 and becomes active at the start of Mission 7.


A decorative three-pronged pike used in rituals. It is used as a key to unlocking the portcullis in the castle. It cannot be used as a weapon.[7] The Trident is found on the roof of the mansion in Mission 8 after defeating Phantom.

Sign of Chastity[]

A taxidermic organ coated in a strange crystal, it acts as a key to unlocking the safeguard to the Chalice. It most closely resembles a brain.[8] Found in the greenhouse area in Mission 11.


A sacred goblet that apparently held the blood of the "divine dead." [9] It is found near the end of Mission 11.

Staff of Hermes[]

The symbol of a messenger god often used to represent alchemy, it acts as a key to opening two magical portals. It cannot be used as a weapon.[10] The Staff of Hermes is found in Mission 13, but isn't used until Mission 16, where it activates the portals to other parts of the castle.

Emblem Shield[]

Emblem Shield

Emblem Shield

A small shield with a decorative skull emblem, it acts as a key to unlocking the doors either side of the entrance to the Coliseum.[11] The Emblem Shield is found in Mission 14 and used in Mission 15.

Pair of Lances[]

A pair of small, but heavy-looking javelins held by the knight statues on the coliseum double doors which allow passage into the sacrificial grounds. They cannot be used as a weapon.[12] The Pair of Lances are found and used in Mission 15.


Luminite is an ordinary Underworld stone that has become fluorescent when brought to the Human World.[13] It can be found in Mission 15, located in whichever of the two Emblem Shield pathways Dante enters first, in a pile of rubble to one side of the staircase down. When Dante has picked it up, it will automatically light up the area immediately around him in dark places. While it is not directly used to unlock anything, the doors of the lower corridors containing the Pair of Lances and the Nightmare-β will not allow Dante through unless he has it.

Wheel of Destiny[]

A round, metal plate with engraving that represents destiny. Required to re-lower the drawbridge of the castle.[14] Obtaining it at the end of Mission 15 ends the mission. It is used at the beginning of Mission 16 to lower the drawbridge and re-enter the castle.


A clear, crystal ball filled with mercury, or quicksilver. Needed to unlock the door to the Castellan's Throne Room.[15] It is found in Mission 17.

Philosopher's Egg & Elixir[]



The Philosopher's Egg is found in Mission 18, and it is transformed into the Elixir after a fight with Nightmare.[16] The Elixir is then used to enter the Mirror World in the Castellan's Bedroom.[17]

Philosopher's Stone[]

A mysterious geometric stone covered with alchemy-related engravings. It is found in Mission 19 and is required to open the Mouth of the Underworld.[18]



  • Death Sentence's name and form imply it is based on a European executioner's sword: these were often very ornate, as the main goal was to make them heavy enough to sever the condemned's head in a single blow, and were not suited to combat.
  • The Staff of Hermes, known as the caduceus, is a symbol of a winged rod and a pair of serpents that symbolised the Greek god Hermes. It later became associated with both the planet and element Mercury, and through the latter became associated with alchemy.
  • The Philosopher's Stone and Elixir were two materials sought by alchemists, who sought to unlock the secret processes that had been used to create the world. The Philosopher's Stone was said to be capable of transfiguration, turning any element into any other element (the typical test would be attempting to transform "base metals" into gold). The Elixir was said to allow eternal life and youth, and sometimes also said to cure all diseases, though this was sometimes regarded as being a property of a third material.
  • The Chalice is based upon the Holy Grail, which according to medieval literature, was used as a dish at the last supper, then retrieved by Joseph of Arimathea to collect Jesus Christ's blood as he hung on the cross.


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