List of Key Items in Devil May Cry 2Edit


Dante finds a key in Mission 1, after his first encounter with the Msira in an enclosed area. After their defeat, a key is dropped into the area to allow Dante to unlock the nearby door.[1]

A second key is dropped by the Orangguerra after Dante defeats it in the tram station in Mission 3. It allows him passage from the station to the harbour.[2]




A Sacrilege is a strange, golden device with a blue sapphire gem embedded in it that closely resembles a distorted heart. It is used to bring the demon world closer to the human world, and to hunt down Arius.[3] There are three Sacreliges found in Dante's Mission 16, and two in Lucia's Mission 12.


"Sacrilege" is the theft, violation, or injurious treatment of a sacred object, or in a broader sense, any disrespect against the virtue of a religion.


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