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Nidhogg Hatchling[]

Nidhogg Hatchling

Nidhogg Hatchling

The Nidhogg Hatchling (ニーズヘッグベビー, Nidhogg Hatchling?) is the only Key Item in Devil May Cry 5, it can be found on Mission 02: Qliphoth, Mission 04: V and Mission 12: Yamato, and it will always serve the same purpose - to destroy Qliphoth roots that are blocking the way.

There is an Extra Bonus tied to this item called "No Nidhogg Hatchling" which is acquired by finishing Mission 12 without picking up any hatchlings.


Nico's Item Report - Nidhogg Hatchling
A hatchling of the Nidhogg, a parasite that feeds on weakened parts of the Qliphoth, harming its internal structure in the process. The Nidhogg feasts at a destructively fast speed, causing the weakest parts of the demon tree's root structure to quickly crumble.


  • When checking the game's files on PC, it's possible to see potential key items that remain unused:
    • Goliath Shard (ゴリアテの破片, Goliath Shard?)
    • Artemis Orb (アルテミスの破片, Artemis Orb?)
    • Geryon Splinter (ゲリュオンの破片, Geryon Splinter?)
    • Gilgamesh Plate (ギルガメスの破片, Gilgamesh Plate?)