King Cerberus (Fire): Leave at once!
King Cerberus (Ice): Only kings of the Underworld may enter these gates.
King Cerberus (Lightning): You shall not pass!
— King Cerberus, Devil May Cry 5

King Cerberus is one of the bosses of Devil May Cry 5. He is the guardian of the innermost chamber of the Qliphoth, and Dante has to face him in Mission 16. After defeating him, Dante obtains the King Cerberus Devil Arm.


King Cerberus appears as a giant, three-headed demonic hound. He is the most powerful of his kind, and is implied to be the progenitor of all other Cerberus demons. He guards the lowest chamber of the Qliphoth where the demon tree's fruit grows. While initially secured with chains, he shows how much more stronger he is than the Cerberus that once guarded the Temen-ni-gru by tearing completely free of them, engaging Dante without restraints.

Unlike the Cerberus Dante encountered in his youth, King Cerberus' heads do not change alignment to indicate specific magical attacks: rather, the three remain in place and each control an element. The head on King Cerberus' right controls lightning, the middle head has ice powers comparable to all three heads of the regular Cerberus, and the left head controls fire.

The three heads appear to have their own distinct personalities: the fire head is furiously angry, using physical attacks as often as fire powers, the ice head the most measured and intelligent, conjuring defensive ice walls and preferring ranged attacks, and the lightning head proud and boastful, and prefers to fight at medium range. All three heads believe their power is the strongest.


Dante entered King Cerberus' domain and mocked him just like the last Cerberus. The King sensed Dante's last action after being mocked, but faces Dante in combat to prove himself as the last one he fought was weak.


Nico Enemy Report - King Cerberus
Everybody knows that when you see a big mutt with three heads, that there is a Cerberus. But Dante managed to run into the king of the whole bunch? That guy's movin' up in the world.
Well, you gotta hand it to the king—wielding fire, lightning, and ice ain't no mean feat.
But like all Cerberus, under all the king-this and your-majesty-that, he ain't nothing but a glorified guard dog.
Wonder if Urizen was upset about what happened to his pup.



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  • During his battle, King Cerberus will sometimes reference demons from previous games by name, such as Berial and Bael.
  • Patrick Seitz, the voice actor of one of the heads of King Cerberus, also voiced Soldier in the game. In addition, he voiced the english version of the video "The Story of Devil May Cry" which was posted in the official Devil May Cry YouTube channel.[2]

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