The King Cerberus is a tripartite nunchaku Devil Arm appearing in Devil May Cry 5 which originates from King Cerberus. It can stretch to incredible lengths, and is infused with the power of ice, fire and lightning[1], and can change its style with two additional modes: a fire bō staff and lightning chain forms. It is wielded by Dante during the course of the game.

Appearance and DescriptionEdit

King Cerberus has three possible shapes, depending on how it is used.

  • Ice: Cerberus is presented as a three-handle nunchucks, connected to a metal ring. The parts seem to be joined by ethereal chains, allowing the weapon to be quickly swung. The tips of the nunchucks' rods end with non-thawing ice, which allows the wearer to control ice at one's will.
  • Lightning: Cerberus loses its ring, the handles increase in length and they are now connected by lightning bolts, each section one after the other. This allows the weapon to be stretched and extended to large distances, which is what the strategy for this element is.
  • Fire: The Cerberus segments transform into one long bo-quarterstaff that spews flame tongues out of its body. The reach of the weapon is between Ice and Lightning forms.


Nico's Weapon Report - King Cerberus
Dante used to have a Devil Arm called Cerberus way back when. If Dante went and turned that one in for an upgrade, this's what he'd end up with.
The so-called king of the Cerberus clan wasn't just whistling Dixie, let me tell ya. This arm changes shape, releasing fire, ice, even lightning as it tears through everything in its path.
As a craftsman, I'm pretty keen to figure out how you could cram all of those powers into this one slick weapon.

King CerberusEdit

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King Cerberus has the ability to transform from its original ice-element tripartite nunchaku, to a fire staff, and to a lightning-based three-section staff.

Ice Element boasts with the superiority in its use speed, which is practically instantaneous. Almost all of Ice Cerberus attacks are aimed to instant disability of a single enemy and quick beatings. What it lacks, though, is the short weapon reach. Player must get close to an enemy land a successful combo. Overall review

  • + Great DPS
  • + Short attack animation
  • + Easy to use
  • - Short range (shortest of all three)
  • - Weak single combo damage
  • - Doesn't have moves which would allow fast range cover between enemy and the player

Lightning Element is mainly the crowd control weapon. This particular form has absolute dominance in terms of weapon reach and area coverage. Attacks could easily take down even flying enemies. However, lightning has to be charged, which must take a moment. And so, cannot be used as fast as every other form.

Overall review

  • + Great weapon reach (longest of all three)
  • + Short attack animation for almost all moves
  • + Giant AoE attacks
  • + Moderate DPS
  • - Has to be charged

Fire Element is unique to the Swordmaster style and has a universal moveset. Balanced range, quickness and damage per move are the possible advantages. Few disadvantages are found, which could only be very few aerial skills (one to be specific), which could be problematic in a fight with flying demons.

Overall review

  • + Balanced stats
  • + Universal moveset
  • - Likely inability to damage flying enemies


Action Command Description
Cerberus Combo AOn ground, pressBx y,Bx y,Bx y,Bx y Let yourself off the the leash and hit enemies with this ferocious combo
Cer IComboA

Cerberus Combo A

Cerberus Combo BOn ground, pressBx y,Bx y -Bx y,Bx y Another breed of Cerberus Combo A. Sweeps the area around you while pounding enemies out front
Cer IComboB

Cerberus Combo B

SwingIn mid-air, pressBx y Whirl in mid-air, slicing any nearby enemies with split second speed
Cer ISwing+AirRevolver

Swing and Aerial Revolver

RevolverOn ground, pressBx rb + (forward) +Bx y Spin violently in mid-air before crashing into the enemy, dealing major impact damage. While Devil Trigger is active, the attack is more powerful, but expends the DT gauge
Cer IRevolver(2)


Revolver 2On ground, pressBx rb + (forward) +Bx y An improved version of the Revolver combo. Longer distance and a more violent spin
Aerial RevolverIn mid-air, pressBx rb + (forward) +Bx y
CrystalOn ground, pressBx rb + (back) +Bx ySlam a chain into the ground, thrusting a massive glacial blade upward into enemies
Cer ICrystal


Ice AgeOn ground, pressBx rb + (back-forward) +Bx y Conjure a skin of rock-hard ice, protecting you from enemy attacks

Action Command Description
Long BarrelHoldBx y until the lightning sparks, and releaseBx y on groundYour weapon crackles with lightning as it stretches to full length, slamming into a distant enemy
Cer LLongBarrel

Long Barrel

Long Barrel AirHoldBx y until the lightning sparks, and releaseBx y in mid-airYour weapon crackles with lightning as it stretches to full length, sniping a distant enemy from mid-air
Cer LongBarrelAir

Long Barrel Air

Long RevolverHoldBx y until the lightning sparks, pressBx rb + (forward) and release on groundBx yYour weapon crackles with lightning as it stretches to full length, turning mid-air spins into violent attacks
Cer LLongRevolver

Long Revolver

Long Revolver AirHoldBx y until the lightning sparks, pressBx rb + (forward) and releaseBx y in mid-air
Cer LLongRevolverAir

Long Revolver Air

Thunder ClapHoldBx y until the lightning sparks, pressBx rb + (back) and releaseBx y on groundLaunches four lightning orbs that slowly chase down their targets.
Cer LThunderClap

Thunder Clap

Action Command Description
RevolutionHoldBx b until the lightning sparks, and releaseBx b on ground
Cer LRevolution


TurbulenceHoldBx b until the lightning sparks, and releaseBx b in mid-air
Cer LTurbulence


RegicideHoldBx b until the lightning sparks, pressBx rb + (forward) and release on groundBx b
Cer LRegicide


PercussionHoldBx b until the lightning sparks, pressBx rb + (back) and releaseBx b on ground
Cer LPercussion


Percussion 2HoldBx b until the lightning sparks, pressBx rb + (back) and releaseBx b on ground

Action Command Description
Cerberus Combo COn ground, pressBx b,Bx b,Bx b
Cer FComboC

Cerberus Combo C

Cerberus Combo DOn ground, pressBx b,Bx b -Bx b,Bx b
Cer FComboD

Cerberus Combo D

Role PlayIn mid-air, pressBx b
Cer FRolePlay

Role Play

Rock BackOn ground, pressBx rb + (forward) +Bx b
Cer F

Rock Back

Hot StuffOn ground, pressBx rb + (back) +Bx b
Cer FHotStuff

Hot Stuff



  • During the Satellite Crazy Combo, Dante will scream in high pitch as a nod towards Bruce Lee. Most of his normal attacks with Cerberus' ice-nunchaku form also have similar yells in Devil May Cry 5.
  • When King Cerberus was first shown off along with Dante's other Devil Arms at New York Comic Con, the Devil Arm was originally just named Cerberus. Just like the Devil Arm in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening that King Cerberus is based on.

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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Devil May Cry 5, Devil Arms File — King Cerberus: "The power of King Cerberus dwells within this shapeshifting weapon, charging attacks with ice, fire and lightning in each form."

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