Kyklops are large, spider-like enemies in Devil May Cry. They are first encountered in a Secret Mission, but return as regular enemies.


Kyklops take a form similar to that of a specific giant fire spider, only they use the earth as their medium in the human realm. Despite their large size, they are very agile and are able to jump very high.[1] They feed on dirt, compacting small rocks into larger stones that they can then spit at enemies.[2] Larger pieces of rock are integrated into the Kyklops' exoskeleton, making it incredibly durable.[3]


These demons tend to come after Dante in groups of two. They try to crush Dante under their weight, attack with their claws, or spit rocks at him. They are not very smart: You can trick one into attacking another Kyklops, and they will counterattack their allies. Use this to your advantage by letting them weaken each other, and attack when you see an opening.

These enemies are actually encountered first in a secret mission. In Mission 7 (Holding the Key of Ardor), head back to the room where you first encountered the Beelzebubs. Two Kyklops will be there. This can be a little tough because your health is constantly draining, but you have to make one of them kill the other to be rewarded your Blue Orb Fragment. Alternately, this mission can be done right after Mission 7; this removes the danger of your health depleting, but since it is completed between missions, you will be awarded no extra points for the stage rank.

Note that on Dante Must Die! difficulty, Kyklops gain the same increased health as bosses do, having 250% the health they have on Normal. They are the only non-boss enemy to gain this bonus. 


The Kyklops (more commonly spelled "Cyclops" in the modern era) were one-eyed monsters in Greek mythology that were children of Gaea, the Earth. They are also responsible for forging the weapons of the Greek Pantheon during the Gods' war against the Titans.


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