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Kyrie's Deliverance is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 4. It plays in Mission 20 after defeating Sanctus when playing as Nero, Lady or Vergil.


Both inside The Savior, Nero is shown defeating Sanctus by using the Yamato.

Transcript (Nero version)[]

Sanctus: The power of Sparda... Why won't you give me strength!? Am I not worthy!?

Nero: Never could take those legends too literally. But I do know that Sparda had a heart. A heart that could love another person, a human. And that is what you lack.

This time I will save you. Just hold on...

Sanctus: Don't move or I'll...

Nero: Sorry I took so long. Kyrie...?

Sanctus: 魔剣スパーダ! 何故 力を与えてくれぬ! 何が欠けている!

Nero: お前らの教えだろうが スパーダは人を愛した その人を愛する心が—— お前にはない!

今度こそ助ける 待っててくれ

Sanctus: 動けばこの女が…!

Nero: 待たせたね …キリエ

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  • The Lady/Trish and Vergil versions of this cutscene only shows the part when Sanctus is destroyed, as such, it has no dialogue.