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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening[]

Character - Lady
While being a human female and therefore born of weak flesh and blood, she has made devil-hunting her life's work. She hates all demons and wants to destroy them all.[1]
Boss - Lady
Female Devil Hunter that seems to block Dante's every move. With little training and even less power, her most helpful weapon is her belief that what she is doing is right.[1]

Devil May Cry 4[]

Character - Lady
Making her living as a Devil Hunter, her previous encounters with Dante are long and twisted; however, the two have arrived upon a mutual friendship. Known to force her dirty work upon her "friend", then demand vast sums of compensation in return.[2]

Devil May Cry 5[]

Devil May Cry 5 promo site[3]
Armed Hunter for Hire
Lady met Dante during an incident in their past, and after many twists and turns she joined him in the devil-hunting business.
A business woman through and through, she can be observed forcing unprofitable jobs onto others and taking a finder's fee for her trouble.
Nico's Note - The Art of Devil May Cry 5
In my line of work, if someone only wants to go by the name, "Lady", do you don't go pokin' your nose into someone else's business. Take this Devil Huntin' gal, fer instance.
When it comes to slaughterin' hell-beasts, she's prolific. Heck, when I ran a weapons shop back in Fortuna, she was one of my best repeat customers.

Nico's reports — Character reports — Lady

English version


If there's one word for Lady, it's prolific. She's done Devil Hunter gigs all over, and back when I was running my gun shop, she was one of my best customers.

Why does she call herself Lady? Heck if I know! I ain't gonna pry into another gal's private business unless she stops payin' her gun tab.

Come to think of it, I ain't never seen Lady doin' something that didn't involve killin' demons. She's...kinda messed up.

Japanese version







She is a woman who travels from place to place as a devil hunter.
She was one of my best customers when I was running a gun workshop.

She calls herself Lady, but it's not her real name.
It doesn't really matter to me, though.

I'm sure there are plenty of men who would like to court her, but she prefers to slay demons rather than deal with boring men.
She's a strange woman.

English version

Injured Lady

Lady may be just a human, but when the hellfire-and-bullets start flying, there ain't many others better to have by your side.

Her gettin' taken down by this demon king is enough to give me the jitters.

Not that I'm gonna high-tail it, of course. It's my weapons out there on the front line. They'll get the job done, guaranteed.

Japanese version






The Wounded Lady

Even though she's just a human, I've heard that Lady's skill is very remarkable.

The fact that she was beaten without any way to do anything about it makes me realize how scary the Demon Lord's power is.

I'm not going to run away from it, though. I just believe in the power of my work.

English version

Lady in Fatigues

When Lady got rescued in the buff, it fell to yours truly to keep her assets safe from pryin' eyes.

Yeah, my clothes look a little baggy on her, but that's just 'cause she's the scrawny type. Don't mean I'm heavy or nothin'.

I guess Nero would've enjoyed seeing her in something flashier, but round here you're thankful for what you get.

Japanese version






Lady in Work Clothes

I lent some clothes to poor Lady who was rescued bare-naked.

I guess the clothes were a little big, but it's not that I'm a big person, it's just that she's too small.

Nero might have been happier if I had dressed her in something sexier, but unfortunately this is all I had.
I'm sorry.


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