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Laser barrier dmc4 defenses

Laser Barriers while in the time-slowing effects of the Crono Slicer

Laser Barriers are the primary defense systems installed throughout the Order of the Sword's HQ to prevent intruders from entering. Only those with the Key of Cronus that manipulates the Chrono Slicer can pass through these barriers in.


These lasers move at rapid speed, making them difficult to pass through without first slowing down time. They can also be used as environmental hazards when fighting groups of enemies. It is possible to pass through a Laser Barrier without first activating a Chrono Slicer, but it is very difficult and requires skilled timing. This is useful if Dante or Nero gets trapped inside a Laser Barrier when the effects of the Chrono Slicer wear off.

These traps provide a hard challenge in Heaven or Hell difficulty, as just touching one laser will kill Dante or Nero. As such, they require perfect timing, and are potentially the most deadly aspect of the difficulty mode.

Dante can pass through these laser barriers without taking damage in his Dreadnaught form using the Royalguard Style or Dash through the laser.