Lesser demons are demons that serve higher-level demons and are the enemies in the Devil May Cry series.


Lesser Demons are the rank and file forces that make up the lower class of demons within the Demon World. They primarily serve as the soldiers and servants of more powerful demons, such as the Prince of Darkness, Mundus. Humans with sufficient control over demonic power can also impose their will over lesser demons and control them for their own uses.

Though most lesser demons are either natural inhabitants of the Underworld or creations of more powerful demons, several types of artificial demons have been created by human hands.

Certain groups of lesser demons share a common origin, such as the Seven Hells of the Demon Army being the embodiment of the seven deadly sins, or the various types of Empusa collecting blood for the demon tree Qliphoth which serves as their nesting grounds. 

Nico forwards a theory that certain demons are the result of evolutionary change over successive generations, directed by their desires. Under her thesis, generations of Riots desiring greater speed eventually resulted in the birth of Furies, and Baphomet demons birthed the Lusachia due to desiring more mouths to cast their spells.

Types of Lesser Demons

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