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This article is about the dimension featured in DmC. You may be looking for the corresponding city, Limbo City.

Limbo twisting with Malice to impede Dante

Limbo is a dimension that exists parallel to the human world in DmC: Devil May Cry. It is controlled by the demons and is the seat of their power.

In Limbo, the landscape appears roughly the same as in the human world, but is subtly twisted and more vibrant, and there is often demonic growth covering every surface. Beings in the human world appear only as shades in Limbo, while psychics like Kat appear as a ghostly figure, and in return can see the beings within Limbo. More strikingly, Limbo reveals the truth of the lies spread by the demons. An ad for "Candie's" hamburgers becomes "GLUTTONY IS GOOD" and "Home Loans for You" becomes "HOMELESS FOR YOU".

Mundus and some of his more powerful demon soldiers are able to drag beings into Limbo to eventually become Lost Souls, but can also manipulate the structure of Limbo itself, causing walls to smash together, swing the ground in odd directions, or even tear apart the very landscape and leave it floating in a void. Mundus's own control is such that he can manipulate any location in Limbo despite never leaving his tower, and Mundus's shouted commands inscribe themselves on the world itself. Sometimes, the upheaval in Limbo will reflect in the Human World; for example, when the Hunter tosses a Ferris wheel at Dante in Limbo, it rolls around and causes destruction in the Human World as well. Although caused by demons, the Raptor News Network usually blames this destruction on The Order in order to engender opposition to the group. However, manipulation of Limbo is not limited to demons; the human psychic Kat is able to open portals to Limbo, manipulate the gravity within, or even paint Demon Pull targets using Wiccan spells.



In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, Limbo is the first circle of Hell that Dante and Virgil enter (It came from the Latin word "limbus", which means "edge"). Limbo is portrayed as being an area where virtuous pagans reside in. Although the virtuous pagans in Limbo are shown to be good-natured individuals compared to the heretics of the sixth circle of Hell, their lack of Christian faith prevented them from entering Paradiso, which is why Virgil could not join Dante in Paradiso. This seems to parallel the lost souls found in the Limbo dimension.


  • Tameem Antoniades, the creative director at Ninja Theory, stated during a livestream Q&A that one of the main inspirations for demons controlling society through an alternate dimension was the 1988 movie They Live, which he also cited as one of his favorite films.
  • Bayonetta's portrayal of Purgatorio is identical to Limbo, with the main character spending most of their time fighting within the parallel dimension while the human population only notices certain effects to the terrain.