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Limited Partnership is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. It plays at the start of Mission 09.


With the Leviathan killed, it falls into the ground area near Temen-ni-gru. Lady witnesses the creature's fall and Dante leaving its corpse. The two fight some demons together, but Dante leaves the girl alone to fight so he doesn't "miss the party".


Dante: So this is the next stage?

Lady: Wait!

Dante: If you're asking for a date, forget it. Cause I make it a point not to go out with women who shoot me in the head.

Lady: Date a demon? I'm not that desperate. Besides, I really don't care for guys who stink like blood.

Dante: You're right.

So, tell me! What's your name?

Lady: I don't have a name.

Dante: Okay, then what should I call you?

Lady: I don't care. Whatever you want.

Dante: Whatever, Lady.

I'll leave this to you. Cuz I don't want to miss the party.

Lady: Who counted on you anyway?


Dante: ここが次の会場ってわけか

Lady: 待て!

Dante: デートの約束をしたいんなら—— お断りだね 人のオツムに銃ブッ放すような女は特にな

Lady: 悪魔とデート? そこまで飢えてないわ 血のニオイのする男も趣味じゃないし

Dante: 確かに臭うな


Lady: そんなもの捨てたわ

Dante: だったら何て呼んだらいい?

Lady: 呼びたいように呼んだら?

Dante: じゃあ——お嬢ちゃん(レディ)

ここは任せるぜ パーティに遅れたくないからな

Lady: 最初からアテにしてないわ

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  • At the end of the cutscene, the bullet shown on the ground has an inscription, being "9mm Lucia". This is a reference to Lucia, a character in Devil May Cry 2.
  • When the mission starts, if the player tries to go back to where Lady is located (Forbidden Land: Front), the following text is shown: "I've got bigger fish to fry. Let's leave these bottom feeders to her."