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Love Planet is one of the landmarks in Residential Area in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. It is an entertainment strip club and a place where Dante first encounters Hell Sloths.


The entire place is build up to strip club atmosphere and a lot of furniture, including walls are covered with leather. The main part has a glowing stage with multi-colored searchlights on top, a strip pole, which Dante can use for offensive methods and sofas around to let people watch the "show".

On the right side of the building a bar stand and some arcade machines can be found, although they don't prove material nor battle use.

Just before the exit from 13th Avenue there are two big spiral steps joining into a parterre, where one small Green Orb is located.



  • Three already teleporting Hell Sloths.
  • Multiple Hell Prides, emerging from the ground, main stage walls and appearing from the air.
  • Multiple Hell Lusts, emerging from the ground and appearing from the air.


  • Destructible tables, sofas and chairs.
  • One small green orb.
  • Strip pole, which can be used by pressing Button xbone y/Button ps4 triangle near it. This will make Dante spin around it one time.