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Luce & Ombra (Ita: "Light & Shadow") are a pair of personally customized,[1] semi-automatic pistols made by the Dark Knight Sparda, designed for rapid fire.[2] They are now in possession of Trish.


The guns are primarily modeled after the Colt M1911 design, and are quite similar to the Ebony & Ivory, but with fewer customizations.

  • Both weapons use customized slides and extended frames that lend them a very angular appearance.
  • Both weapons have been modified with short-pull triggers, target sights, beavertail grip safeties, and slam-pads on their magazines. Also, both have an additional decock lever mounted on the slide (similar to the Polish Vis).
  • As with Ebony & Ivory, the left-handed weapon (Ombra) uses a custom slide. The extractor and ejection port have been reversed, thus causing the spent shells to be expelled away from the shooter when used left-handed.
  • "Luce & Ombra" is engraved in cursive on the outward sides of both pistols, next to the image of a smiling half-moon/half-sun face.
  • Both handguns are outfitted with ergonomic wood grips. In the middle of the grip panels are portraits of Victorian women, just as on the Ebony & Ivory; as befits their names, Ombra's is dark-haired, and Luce's is fair-haired. Due to texture re-used from Ebony & Ivory, they repeat the text:

For Tony Redgrave

By .45 Art Warks


Devil May Cry[]

Sparda's hand-made guns.

Devil May Cry 2[]

File - Weapon - Guns
Destructive twin pistols featuring rapid-fire.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition[]

Library - Arms - Trish's Arms
Guns named after light and darkness. These weapons are both quick and deadly.


Luce & Ombra are usually simply a reskin of Ebony & Ivory for the Legendary Dark Knight Costume, and in this form are mechanically identical to Dante's guns.

In Devil May Cry, Luce & Ombra are only available while playing as the Legendary Dark Knight. They function the same as Ebony & Ivory, and retain the ability to charge up with demonic energy and fire charged shots when in Devil Trigger.

In Devil May Cry 2, Twosome Time can be used Luce & Ombra to stop a nearby enemy from attacking. While Devil Triggered they will deal elemental damage corresponding to the currently equipped Amulet.

In Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Luce & Ombra are Trish's rapid fire firearms. They are particularly useful for decloaking enemies while in Devil Trigger. Luce and Ombra cannot be charged like most other firearms.


Action Command Description
Gun Attack Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 square/Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 cross Fire your gun. Continue holding Button ps4 square or Button ps4 cross to charge your next shot with demon power.

Action Command Description Preview
Twosome Time Button ps4 r1+Any direction+Button ps4 square Simultaneously shoot in different directions. Trish Twosome Time DMC2

Action Command Description Preview
Normal Shot Button ps4 square While lacking power, this attack is capable of rapid fire. DMC4SE Action Normal Shot

Other Appearances[]

Viewtiful Joe[]

Trish uses Luce & Ombra as her long-ranged weapons in the Viewtiful Joe series.

Trish uses Luce and Ombra as her firearms in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.



  • While in Sin Devil Trigger, Dante has two ranged attacks that are similarly named The Luce and The Ombra, respectively.


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