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Lusachia are lesser demons that appears in Devil May Cry 5. In lower difficulties, it first appears on Mission 13: Three Warriors.



The Lusachia, similar to the Hell Judecca, will keep teleporting in the battlefield in order to get away from the player. It has long preparatory motions before all of its attacks, which allows the player to be highly aggressive. Once knocked down, they will eventually teleport away.


Nico's Enemy Report - Lusachia

Sure was interesting dissectin' this demon.
This thing bears out my theory on demon evolution. Can't do magic incantations without a mouth, right? So after a few generations of demons obsessed with arcane chants, you get something that's all mouths, with its muscles so atrophied it can hardly move its limbs.
And more mouths means more power. My guess is this thing could kill you dead with a single spell if you let it get the chant out. If you see it startin' something real ominous- looking, you'd better shut it down real quick.


All of its attacks have long charge times and can take a large portion of the player character's health, especially on higher difficulties. As upgraded Baphomets they have a similar shield ability that protects them from ranged attacks, but are just as vulnerable to knockdowns. This allows any enemies they are supporting to be dealt with while they are on the ground.




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