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This article is about the voice actress from Devil May Cry 5. You may be looking for Lynn Marcus, the character in Devil May Cry: The Animated Series.

Lynn (りん, Rin?) is a Japanese voice actress born in Japan.

Role in the Devil May Cry series[]

Lynn is the voice actress who played the role of Nico in the Japanese version of Devil May Cry 5.[1][2]

Other Roles[]

Her most notable roles in the video game industry include voicing the Japanese dub of Azura in Fire Emblem Fates, Mei in Overwatch and Chole Price in Life is Strange.


Lynn VA

Lynn and Hideaki Itsuno at the Devil May Cry 5 panel at TGS 2018.[3]

  • Both Lynn and Michiteru Okabe were confused with the character of Nico at first, but ended up loving her after seeing the ending of the game.[1]
  • Lynn based her voice acting for Nico on the English voice of the character, which was recorded first. One thing she found difficult about voicing the character was how Nico is a smoker, but Lynn herself doesn't smoke. So when it came to any sound made related to smoking, Lynn based it off of the original English voice.[1]
  • One of the directons she took when voicing Nico was to "be a little pervert but to also have a strong sense of weirdness".[1]
  • Lynn was cast as the VA of Nico because Itsuno was "in love" when he heard her sing.[4]
  • Matthew Walker's favorite Japanese voice is Lynn between the Japanese VA cast in Devil May Cry 5.[4]