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This article is about the character in Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. You may be looking for Lynn, the voice actress from Devil May Cry 5.

Lynn Marcus was the sister of Kerry Marcus, who was a man who had been taken prisoner after the suspicion of the murder of his best friend Claude.


Later, Dante was contacted by Lynn, who requested his services to prove the innocence of his brother being that he considered it impossible for him to be the murderer of his friend Claude . In spite of her request Dante rejected the work being that she believed that she was only guiding herself based on her emotions without having evidence, besides that in order to perform the job she needed a large pay, to which Lynn decided to give her her ring as payment, Patty. However, she accepted the work for Dante but again Dante tried to reject the work again, since he preferred the monetary payment, but when he looked back at Lynn, he had disappeared without a trace.

When everything returns to normalcy, Kerry tells Dante his sorrows at the death of his best friend Claude and his sister Lynn, to which Dante intrigues him about her. He said that his sister had been dead for some time when she was sick and the news of her imprisonment had aggravated her condition, causing her death. Once Dante referenced the appearance of his sister Kerry confirmed that it was she who was referring, after this Dante gave her the ring which Lynn had given her to pay so she said she did not hold any grudge. Upon hearing this Kerry broke into tears holding the ring while Dante away watching the spirit of Lynn vanished with a smile on his face.


It is known that she was a woman who cared very much for her brother to such a degree to appear as a spirit to help him even after death. Believing that Dante would not accept his request, he was somewhat nervous that he was his only chance for his brother to be free. She was also angry once Patty declared that it was possible that she was guilty.

After the release of Kerry, Lynn was happy.


Physically she is a young woman with a fair complexion, eyes of a grayish color and, to Dante's words, with sapphire hair and pigtails.

She wears a long-sleeved violet gray shirt, a cream skirt with white bottom embroidery, a cherry-colored bottom skirt and striped socks with red shoes. In addition to wearing a silver ring on the ring finger of his left hand.