MT Framework

MT Framework is a next-generation game engine developed by Capcom for Devil May Cry 4. The acronym MT may stand for several things, like; Multi-Thread, Multi-Target, and Meta Tools. Games on PS3 and XBOX360 with this kind of engine were first made in the PC, then ported on these consoles.


After Onimusha 3, Capcom decided to make a more-powerful rendering engine due to the increased strength and complexity of newer consoles like the PS3 and XBOX360 to match the preferences required for running games into these two consoles.


MT Framework Consoles

The interface of the MT Framework 2.0

Rendering is done at 720P. 4x Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing is used, and the game runs at 30fps, but if the engine detects that the framerate is falling below 30, it will switch to 2x Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing or turn MSAA off entirely. The amount of textures in memory at any one time is about 160MB, with 60-80MB being used for the background.

Devil May Cry 4Edit

As of now, 10 games were rendered into this engine, including Devil May Cry 4. However, to meet the maximum performance of the engine in Devil May Cry 4, a user must have at least DirectX 10 or higher.

The version used in the engine is MT Framework version 1.3

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