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DT MajinForm

Majin Form (真魔人モード Shin Majin Mōdo?, lit. "True Devil mode") is Dante's true demon form in Devil May Cry 2. It is strongly reminiscent of Nelo Angelo, but is more bestial; with reptilian feet, a bat-like body structure, and with four wings, much like Sparda. The Majin Form made an appearance within the Devil May Cry 3 manga, where it manifested in order to overpower and defeat Alice.

Appearance and GameplayEdit

In this form, Dante resembles an enormous, charcoal-colored demon with red veins and some very devilish features that are derived from most of his brother and father's demon forms. He has an additional pair of wings, making up a quad pair and may have them folded when not on the move. He also has red saber-looking blades, which extend when in use.

In terms of his combat, Dante possesses much faster movement speed, has enhanced physical strength and is invulnerable having impenetrable skin. He can apparently fly much like his de-graded Demonic form. His arsenal is more energy based and very different, such as his main attack which is red plume spheres and he now has an ability to release a huge, monochrome beam from his chest which deals alot of damage upon foes (this is a very difficult attack to perform). However, for his twin sword attacks he only slashes his foes with a smaller formations of skill.

Apart from gameplay, in the manga, Dante has been shown to revert any being to its original state. This is seen when Dante used his own darkness to horrify Alice in a mental trap, which may prove that Dante is much more demonic and less human in his Majin form.


Notes and referencesEdit

Dante's Majin Form is the only devil trigger that grants him invincibility on its own. This also makes Dante currently the only demon in the series to have true invulnerability.