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Map Tutorial

Map tutorial Devil May Cry 4

In the Devil May Cry series, the map is used to navigate locations within each game. There are two types of maps: the mini-map, which shows the current room that the player is in, and the expanded map, which shows all of the floors and rooms currently accessible by the player. The former only exists in Devil May Cry 4 and is always displayed in the lower right corner unless deactivated, whereas the latter is in the first four games and can be accessed through the status menu.

In the fourth game, the mini-map appears as a small display of the current portion of the room, which fades into the background around the edges. The current location of the player (represented as a hooked arrow pointing in the direction the character is facing), the location from which he/she entered (represented as a red diamond), and any accessible doors (represented as red bars) are all displayed. The original Devil May Cry displayed the map as flat planes stacked atop one another, creating a three-dimensional view. It could be "rolled" - or in other words, rotated - in order to obtain a better view. In the later three games of the series, the in-menu map is displayed as a flat, overhead view, with the third and fourth installments including door and location markers, as well as sample screenshots of the selected area. The fourth game also included a world map view, which allowed players to select a location from a visual representation, instead of a list of text.

Additional elements also appear on the map, such as in Devil May Cry 4, the player arrow radiates a blue circle around it when Nero is near a hidden treasure upon obtaining the Rusalka Corpse.