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Margaret was a school teacher in which Tony and Ernest attended as children. By the admiration of his teacher, Ernest became a teacher once she reached adulthood.


After the fire in Morris Island 20 years ago by the attack of a demon, Margaret fell ill and ended up hospitalized prostrate in her bed. Some time later Ernest returned with Tony, who was really Dante, taking him to help him with the humiliation he had suffered with his mother when they were blamed for the fire that happened on that occasion, saying he had a way to solve the problem. Being that Dante really did not know her, she only answered what was asked of her, saying that her mother had died years ago in spite of the teacher.

A long time later, Ernest decided to invoke the demon that attacked the city 20 years ago to assassinate him, an idea which was being supported by Margaret being that she considered it right to avenge the humiliation of both. However, Dante declared that it was not really the Tony that Ernest had ever known, asking him for the location in which he was to stop him.


Her attitude is somewhat peaceful, appearing calm all the time despite the bad things that happened and occurred. She is not very stubborn, being that when Dante revealed his true identity, she decided to tell him where Ernest was.

She is usually kind to Ernest since he was her student, since he also feels a great admiration for her.


She has a white complexion and brown eyes, during her youth she used to have brown hair which turned gray at her advanced age.

Dress a long cherry-colored dress with a white collar and white trim at the front opening. Like other garments, it uses round glasses and a red brooch with gold edges.