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Maxim Nazarov (Russian: Максим Назаров) is a Russian model who works in London and was cast as the face model for Vergil in Devil May Cry 5.

In 2018, Maxim was actually present at the Tokyo Game Show, but at the time there was no information regarding his role.[1]


  • Although Dante and Vergil are twin brothers, they do not share the same face model in Devil May Cry 5. When asked about this, Itsuno stated that while Dante had spent most of his time in the human world, Vergil was in the Demon World for a long time, this being the concept behind their faces looking different.[2]


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  1. Hideaki Itsuno on Twitter: "Mr. Maxim, who is model of Vergil who actually visited TGS 2018! It was finally released! 実はTGSに来てたバージルの外の人マクシムさん!カッコいい! #DMC5"
  2. Devil May Cry 5 - Bloody Palace Stream - YouTube