The Merciless is a weak sword which appears in Devil May Cry 2. It is designed with snakes engraved into it.[1]


The Merciless has a long range due to its length. However, its thinness[2] means it provides the least raw damage of Dante's swords.

The Merciless is found in a shrine in the Underground Tomb during Mission 11 of Dante's scenario.

If you don't pick it up here, you may get it in Mission 14, it will be lying near the second power orb.


Devil May Cry 2Edit

Action Command Description
Combo start 1 B t,… Basic combo start - a diagonal slash.
Combo start 2 Direction+B t,… Alternative combo start - a horizontal slash.
Combo A B t,B t,B t,B t 4-hit combo ending with a diagonal spinning slash.
Combo B B t, Direction+B t,B t 3-hit combo ending with a sweeping slash.
Combo C B t,B t, Direction+B t,B t,B t,B t 6-hit combo - series of horizontal slashes ending with sweeping kneeling slash.
Combo D B t,B t,B t, Direction+B t,B t 5-hit combo ending with a jumping downward slash followed by an upward slash, sending enemies flying.
DT Combo B (in DT)
B t, Direction+B t,B t
3-hit combo ending with a stab followed by a vertical spinning slash.
DT Combo C (in DT)
B t,B t, Direction+B t
(continue to press the button to prolong the attack)
Multi-stab combo. Quickly drains DT gauge, but deals incredible damage.
DT Combo D (in DT)
B t,B t,B t, Direction+B t,B t
6-hit combo ending with a downward stab followed by a thrust kick.
Stinger B r1+B u+B t Powerful thrust unleashed after stepping forward. Unlike in other games does not have the dash effect, making it much shorter ranged.
High Time B r1+B d+B t
(hold to launch)
A powerful attack that launches an enemy skyward.
Helm Breaker (mid-air)B t
(during Air Raid)B r1+ Direction+B t
Overhead slash down on top of an enemy below.
(In DT) Plunge the sword down in an enemy below.
Aerial Combo B r1+B t,B t,B t (mid-air) Mid-air kicks followed by a Helm Breaker.
Round Trip (during Air Raid)
B t,B t
Throws the sword like a boomerang, damaging nearby enemies at the same altitude.
Smash B r1+B t (while landing) Elbow strike knocking enemies over.
Grave Digger (in DT)
B r1+B t (while landing)
Low spinning sweep knocking enemies over.



The Merciless is named after the characteristic of being pitiless and showing no mercy.


  1. Devil May Cry 2, Weapon File — Merciless: "A sword with snakes engraved. It’s not powerful, but it has wide-ranged attack."
  2. Devil May Cry 2, Equip Swords — Merciless: "A thin long sword with a long range."

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