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  • Devil May Cry 5 Dante how old ?

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    • "Any events that is able to fit within the story of the video-game, however, is canon."

      That's basically what I said, it's canon until goes against something from the game

      Nero's age, apparently, should be fine

      Which would make DMC4 Dante 19+17 = 36 years old in DMC4

      DMC5 being 6 years after, makes 42

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    • @saxophones: DMC5 also ignored a buncha stuff from yhe novel as well, like Nero dreaming of Vergil and the entire scene where Vergil converses with him during his temporary death.

      DMC1 novel ismt totally canon, it cant be. The way i look at it is that DMC5/BtN took a lot of effort clear up what events occured within thw continuity of the series and reincorporated certain elements from external material and whatever wasnt mentioned isnt canon at all. Thats just me.

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