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  • I live in North Carolina
  • I was born on May 12
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  • Hello JayAaerow, I am UndergroundLemmy, a Global Disscsuions Moderator. The discussions feature for this wiki has recently been enabled. I am here to assist in the following:

    • Keep Discussions clear of spam and other Terms of Use violations.
    • Welcome and assist new/first contributors of this community to get off on the right foot.
    • If and when activity picks up: Work with local staff to look out for local moderator candidates.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts in regards to the Discussions. Finally, if you have questions, comments and/or concerns feel free to contact me. My Discord is UndergroundLemmy#5006 if you wish to communicate privately.

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  • Hey! My name is Atvelonis, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Devil May Cry Wiki as well as an admin on Elder Scrolls. I'm here to act as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff and to help you and your community with whatever you need. If you ever have any questions or issues related to the wiki, its features (editing, templates, bots, etc.), or whatever else, feel free to reach out to me on my message wall or on Discord (Atvelonis#9495) and I can help out! —Atvelonis (talk) 20:05, May 12, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Following up from Soul Eater's message wall, since I still need a reply to this and you are finally somewhat active.

    Thank you for answering my query on what your CSS hacks were for (although I already figured out the code wasn't working and deleted it by the time you answered lol) but Javascript is harder, partly because for whatever reason the option to enter test mode wouldn't show up in the right rail until like literally yesterday. (Wonder if it may have something to do with Kirkburn coming around to flag the bot that same day.)

    Basically, my plan for JS is to remove everything from that page and add any code we need using MediaWiki:ImportJS feature. We really don't have any JS written specifically for our community at the moment, we can just import from Fandom dev, and it makes code a lot easier to figure out.

    But in order to be sure I won't be breaking anything, I would love it if you could explain... basically all edits to Common.js since my last one.

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    • What templates/classes/anything even use the toggler code?

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    • Okay, I think I found it. Template:Hidden.

      Completely and utterly unrelated, but why the hell did you even integrate that code when ShowHide has been deprecated since 2012 - three years before you even tried to steal the code?

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  • "Invitation huh?"

    I created a Discord server for this wiki. Or to get straight to the gist of it, .

    Idk if you are even alive anymore man (I kid, I kid), but since you are an admin that used to be active not so long ago, I feel obliged to notify at least.

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  • Yo.

    Been a while since I've talked to you. Ironically, judging by your contributions trail, you ceased to be active less than a month before DMC5 came out - and basically one month before I more or less returned here.

    Anyway, I've been digging code - you can instantly notice by the fact the site looks different than even a week ago that I have - and I saw some code involving .WikiHeader in MediaWiki:Wikia.css. Going through revision history, that was yours. What was that all about?

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    • Nice detective work xD. Yeah, that was the same week i got promoted so ive been involved with my work since and I probably missed your messages. In general, I've been less into my wikia work until las week or so. I was going to come back to this wiki once I finally get DMC5 but issues has been delaying it.

      Anyway, I'm not completely sure about what you're referring to. It might be the coding necessary for inserting a picture on the header where the "Fanchise", "Universe" "Gameplay", etc. tabs are. For a comparison, another wiki I edit, the Prince of Persia Wiki, has that as well.

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    • You do that through Special:ThemeDesigner, not through direct CSS edits.

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  • How do I lock or delete threads??

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  • Would you please edit the infoboxes of Nero & Dante's? They've already got their appearances in Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare (one more: Nero's appearance in Devil May Cry 5 – Visions of V –) and their species changed to Demon-Human Hybrid to Hybrid. I also added their motion capture actors.


    |species            = [[Demon#Hybrids|Hybrid]]

    |species = Hybrid


    |mocap              = Johnny Yong Bosch <sup>(''DMC4'', ''DMC5'')</sup>

    |mocap = Johnny Yong Bosch (DMC4, DMC5)


    |mocap              = Reuben Langdon <sup>(''DMC3'', ''DMC4'', ''DMC5'')</sup>

    |mocap = Reuben Langdon (DMC3, DMC4, DMC5)

    Furthermore, I fixed Nero's title as The Devil Hunter (凄腕のデビルハンター, Sugoude no Debiru Hantā?, lit. "The Remarkable Devil Hunter") following the official game (In English version, Nero's title is "The Devil Hunter" whilst the Japanese one is "凄腕のデビルハンター"). And the aliases too.

    |title              = {{Translation|The Devil Hunter|凄腕のデビルハンター|Sugoude no Debiru Hantā|lit. "The Remarkable Devil Hunter"}}
    |alias              = N<br />{{Translation|Sparda's kin|スパーダの血族|Supāda no Ketsuzoku}}

    |title = The Devil Hunter (凄腕のデビルハンター, Sugoude no Debiru Hantā?, lit. "The Remarkable Devil Hunter")
    |alias = N
    Sparda's kin (スパーダの血族, Supāda no Ketsuzoku?)

    For Dante's, I added his appearances in Sengoku Basara vs. Devil May Cry and his stage actor.

    |appearance         = ''[[Sengoku Basara vs. Devil May Cry]]''
    |actor              = [[Hiroki Suzuki]] <sup>(''Sengoku Basara vs. Devil May Cry'')</sup>

    |appearance = Sengoku Basara vs. Devil May Cry
    |actor = Hiroki Suzuki (Sengoku Basara vs. Devil May Cry)

    Please see these links:

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  • Please see these three.
    NOTE: All of them are added links for English and Japanese VAs's links, appearance (The Live Hacker stage actor for Dante) and face models etc.. Also corrected lover to love interest for Nero's and added Japanese VA (Hiroaki Hirata) for Vergil's. Added Japanese titles for both Dante and Nero.

    PS Would you please delete Devil May Cry 4: Special Editon? (due to its wrongfully title)

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  • Sup Jay!

    Ive been going through characters and weapons infoboxes and I have hit a few snags. Infoweapon does not allow for more than 5 appearance entries and New InfoCharacter puts familial information under "Professional Data"

    I also noticed that in general we have 3 types of character infoboxes. We should condense it down to the one that we want to be used. If its not too much trouble, can you put the rounded edges that we have on infocharacter 2?

    For the final infobox we use, the "appearance" section in the code should be removed since we use "game1" etc etc.

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    • Title exists in both but not in the context I thought it was. I think Portable Infoboxes changed what that field does. We need it though for certain weapons and characters

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    • Alright Jay,

      For InfoWeapon, i figured out how to do the rounded edges and how to get weapon titles/alternate names and stuff to show up properly. Im not sure what code does the auto-catagorizations, could you remove those parts of the code?

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  • It’s finally been confirmed.

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