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  • Please look over the Guide section of the infobox. Do not rearange or edit the order of the parameters. Do not delete any of the parameters in case that information needs to be edited in later on, simply leave them blank.

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    • Regarding the main subject of the thread:

      Rearranging and removing template fields from source code (as well as removing spacing) seem to be done by Classic editor Visual mode (aka RTE, not to be confused with Visual Editor), which could also be the culprit of template replacing that happened in Trish article (couldn't replicate this yet).

      This mode can be disabled altogether by selecting Source editor as preferred one in the Editing section of your user preferences (you can still use Visual editor via dropdown menu of the Edit button).

      Anyway, it's always better to use source editing, as well as Preview and "Show changes" option before submitting your edit, so you can fix or cancel it if something goes obviously wrong.

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    • Stupid visual editor

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