aka Invader Zim and Meaning of Life

  • I live in In a house built in a planet inside a galaxy, floating around somewhere
  • My occupation is I exist , I do stuff... that's pretty much all
  • I am that one gender that looks like a circle with an arrow pointing upwards
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  • Please see here. You seem to be sure the trivia note is relevant, while per wiki policy it's only considered relevant if we can demonstrate that it's intentional. Please justify your reversion on the talk page, thanks!

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    • Hmm okay that sounds convincing enough. I'll try to rewrite that bit about bael and dragon in the appropiate section of the article tomorrow (if I find that appropiate section that is; if not, the bit can be completely erased for all I care). 

      And well I believe I should also try to see if the trivia about scarecrows has some basis, and if it does not, I guess it should be put in their description somewhere, according of what you said about relevancy. Same for mephisto/faust, and others I didn't mention.

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    • I bet you could at least put it in the strategy section, something like "when he vanishes, leaving a cheshire grin, cease firing as he will no longer take damage."

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