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Michiteru Okabe (岡部 眞輝, Okabe Michiteru?) is a Capcom employee whose most notable roles include being a producer of both Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil: Revelations 2. He is one of the senior producers for Devil May Cry 5.


  • During PAX West 2018, Okabe mentioned that he likes "the new character Nico so much" when asked who his favorite Devil May Cry character was.[1]
  • Additionally, he and the Japanese voice actress of Nico, Lynn, were both confused with the character of Nico at first, but ended up loving her after seeing the ending of the game.[2]
  • In a Dengeki Online interview, Okabe stated that he loves the Balrog, when he saw Dante performing the "Blow Mode" attacks with it he thought: "This game will sell well!".[3]