The Missile Launcher is a firearm which appears in Devil May Cry 2. It has high firepower, but low accuracy and firing speed.


The Missile Launcher appears to be a FIM-92 Stinger missile launcher.

How to obtainEdit

The Missile Launcher is found inside a plane in the Factory hangar during Mission 9 of Dante's scenario. If the player misses it in Mission 9, it can also be obtained later during Mission 14.


Although the description specifically says that the missiles are heat-seeking,[1] they have no noticeable tracking on enemies. It cannot be fired in mid-air, and Dante will instead use Ebony in his left hand while holding the missile launcher in his right. The Missile Launcher also cannot be used in conjunction with Dante's Twosome Time ability, limiting its effectiveness when fighting groups of enemies.

When playing the Bloody Palace, it is advised to only use this weapon against bosses, as there is a chance that the knockback from it could lead to smaller enemies being blasted off of the stage, making it impossible for the player to proceed to the next floor.

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  1. Devil May Cry 2, Weapon File — Missile Launcher: "A compact mobile missile launcher that fires a heat-seeking missile."