Mission 01-Opening is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Nero and Nico start making their way to Red Grave City, facing demons along the way.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Radio man: Red Grave and its surrounding cities have ceased to function as a result of the mysterious tree that apparently attacked the city approximately one month ago. In light of this incident, the government has now—

Radio citizen: They're demons! I've seen them with my own eyes! Red Grave is completely taken over!

Radio woman: Let us pray for mercy. This is a trial from the heavens above... The end—

Nero: Same crap, different day.

So, tell me.

Nico: Tell you what?

Nero: How's it feel to be rescuing the guy that killed your father?

Nico: Hey, I'm glad we're gettin' personal. Well, he abandoned my mother and I and left us for dead... So, I feel nothin'.

Nero: Well he's not exactly going up for a Father of the Year award, now is he?

Nico: His research wasn't half bad. Came in handy. Mildly thankful for that...

Nero: You have to do that in here? It already smells like ass...

Nico: That's you.

Nero: Hey, Nico!

Nico: Don't lose your tits, I see 'em.

Nero: Hey, you have to hit every single bump in the road? Gonna ruin my groove!

"This game does not promote smoking or the use of cigarettes."

Radio man: レッドグレイブ市と その周辺の都市は――謎の大樹の影響で完全に 機能停止している状態です 政府はこの状況に…

Radio citizen: 悪魔だ! 本当だよ!あの街は悪魔に…

Radio woman: 神に祈るのです これは我々への試練で…

Nero: クソ番組が

で 感想は?

Nico: 何の?

Nero: 親父の仇を助ける事

Nico: 母を捨てた男さ 特別な感情はない 何ひとつな

Nero: アグナスが父親とは同情するよ

Nico: だが研究資料は役に立ったぞ 多少はな

Nero: タバコやめろ 臭すぎるぜ

Nico: お前のニオイだ

Nero: おい ニコ!

Nico: 分かってるよ!

Nero: あんまり揺らすなって!曲がトぶ!


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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the New York Comic Con 2018, this cutscene was shown in full, it was stated that it was the first scene in the game.[1]
  • The slow motion during this cutscene could be a reference to the cutscene in DmC: Devil May Cry with the same effect.
  • This was one of the scenes included in Capcom's 2019's April Fools, where an Empusa replaced Nero's character model in multiple cutscenes.
  • The game code for Devil May Cry 5 contains an unused subtitle for this cutscene, being one that would have been related to the sign seen at the end of the scene, The English version has the text "Red Grave City : 2 Km", while the Japanese version has the text “レッドグレイブ市まで2km”. This text was supposedly replaced by the one related to cigarettes.

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