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Mission 01-Scene 01 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


When Nero and Nico arrive at the bridge that links to Red Grave City, they find a group of soldiers struggling against the demons. Nero uses this opportunity to try out his new Devil Breaker.


Soldier: Hold the line. Hold the line! Nothing gets through!

What's happening? What's going on!?

Nero: You look like you need a hug, but you're not gonna get one from me. — Better get lost.

Soldier: Hey, who are you? Hey, you're gonna get yourself killed!

Nico: Don't crap yourself. He likes to kill demon things. Let him do his thing.

Soldier: You hear what I said, you dumb one-armed son of a bitch!? You're gonna die!

Nero: Cheer up, crew cut. You takin' notes?

All right, time to kick some ass.

Soldier: 死守だ! 死守しろ!1匹も通すな!

何なんだよ これは…

Nero: ハグできなくて悪いな 逃げろよ

Soldier: 死ぬつもりか お前!?

Nico: 悪魔をボコるのが趣味なのさ 放っときな

Soldier: おい 本当に死ぬぞ!片腕野郎!

Nero: 腕だって?これで満足か?

まずは ゴミ掃除だな

Soldier: Defend! Defend to the death! Don't let a single one through!

What is this...

Nero: Sorry I can't hug you. Run away.

Soldier: Are you going to die you idiot?!

Nico: It's his hobby to beat the devil.

Soldier: Hey, you're really going to die! One-armed bastard!

Nero: Arms? Is this satisfactory?

Guess it's time for me to clean up the trash first.


  • In the game code for Devil May Cry 5, there is a line left unspoken by the Soldier, before he says "Hey, who are you?", the line "— What the hell?" is present in the text files.