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Mission 01-Scene 05 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


After Nero defeats the Qliphoth Root at the bridge, Nico appears and gives him an update on the state of Red Grave City based on what the Soldier told her.


Nico: Hey, tough guy. That'll keep 'em, but not for long.

Nero: Whattaya mean?

Nico: Soldier boy said city's goin' to hell and back, taken over by the underworld. Not just here, but everywhere.

Nero: Yamato did this...

Nico: こりゃ時間の問題だぞ

Nero: 何がだ?

Nico: この街は魔界化しつつある 周囲を巻き込んでな

Nero: ”閻魔刀” (ヤマト) の力(ちから)か…

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