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Mission 01-Scene 06 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


Nero has a flashback of when a strange figure ripped off his arm.


Nico: Why do I feel like your pet mechanic? Don't get used to it...

Nero: Nico, I showed you those Order docs. So you still owe me, remember?

Kyrie: Hey, you two! Dinner's ready!

Nero: Be right there! Hey, why don't you go ahead? I'm gonna finish up here.

Nico: I'll try to save you some... Not.

Nero: You, uh, you need something?

What is it, you hungry? Well, you're in luck pal, 'cause food's ready and Kyrie always makes too much. Hope you like loud talkers, too, 'cause we got a pair of those upstairs.

You see something you like?

What the hell? You a demon?

Kyrie: Nero, the food's getting cold. What's goi—?

Nero: Kyrie! Get back inside, now!

Unknown: I'm taking this back.

I'm running out of time...

Nero: Wait... Wait!

Kyrie: Nero!

Nico: I leave you alone for two minutes, what the hell happened!?

Nico: 人遣いが荒いぞ 何様だよ

Nero: 教団の資料 見せてやったろ?

Kyrie: 2人とも ご飯よ!

Nero: すぐ行く! 先に食えよ 俺は作業中だ

Nico: お前の分… 残せるかな?

Nero: 何か用か?

腹ペコとか? だったらラッキーだ キリエはいつも多めに作る 少し騒がしいけど 平気だろ?


これは…!? お前 悪魔か

Kyrie: ネロ! ご飯が…

Nero: キリエ! 来るな!

Unknown: 返して貰うぞ


Nero: …待て 待てよ!

Kyrie: ネロ!

Nico: 何だ!? 何が起こった!?

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  • Kyrie's "Nero!" ("ネロ!") line at the end of the scene is not shown in the subtitles in neither the English version or Japanese version, the text is present within the game's files however.